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We broadcast in - TOKYO MX1 at 19:30 on news special program "thought ... of message - base, uchinanchu from Okinawa" 9/30 Saturday
Okinawa that was wrapped to be fragrant of southern country emotion among the blue sea and coral reef and rich green and unique culture. We are known as remote popular sightseeing spot more than 1000km distantly from the mainland, but U.S. base remains at each site in prefecture after mainland return of Okinawa in May, 1972. We tell about heart of citizens of Okinawa that greatly shakes, "thought of uchinanchu" through field coverage whether you accept the continuation for a while whether you object to the continuation of base. (2017/09/26)

Goji ni muchu! "All gather week of MX"
Goji ni muchu! "All of MX gather, and performer of each program of MX acts as MC, assistant as week" during Thursday for ha from Monday, September 18 to 28th! Gangs are always different; please enjoy "single-mindedness at 5:00!"! (2017/09/14)

"Comics BAR Renta!" particularly extended SP broadcast & continuation broadcast decision!
We broadcast extended broadcast SP on Thursday, September 28 for "comics BAR Renta!" 30 minutes. Furthermore, regular broadcast from October was decided, too! Please see by all means sequentially. (2017/09/14)

"Rose color dandy" "shuffle week" enforcement!
"Rose color dandy" enforces "shuffle week" for one week of Friday for from Monday, September 18 to 22nd. Expectation to ask "chemical reaction" that combination of different commentators usually causes for! (2017/09/11)

"e sports MaX" event holding!
We hold "gaming Festival 3" in STAR RISE TOWER on Sunday, September 17, 2017! (2017/09/12)

"53 miniature shrine - Fukagawa Hachiman Festival ... to make festival 2017 town of Japan" broadcast!
We broadcast "53 miniature shrine - Fukagawa Hachiman Festival ... making festival 2017 town of Japan" in TOKYO MX1 from 17:00 on Sunday, September 17! (2017/08/31)

"Hatsune Miku "MAGICALMIRAI 2017" live & plan exhibition" broadcast!
We broadcast design of live & plan exhibition of Hatsune Miku "MAGICALMIRAI 2017" in TOKYO MX1 from 18:30 on Saturday, September 2! (2017/08/30)

About broadcast of Korean drama "numb Hana"
Korean drama "numb Hana" stops broadcast from tomorrow to Thursday, September 28. Broadcast resumption plans Monday, October 2. Episode 87 broadcasts "reason disliking sejin" on October 2. In fun. (2017/09/05)

About program "news girl" next progress
We published nitsuiteo in program "news girl" next progress. (2017/05/16)

About program "news girl"
There was article that we broadcast about U.S. base opposition movement of Okinawa by the part news on Monday, March 13 about program "news girl" during - broadcast at 22:00, but there is not such a plan on Monday. It is place discussing in BPO broadcasting ethics inspection Committee now, and, about broadcast of Okinawa base problem of "news girl", we cope with the deliberation in all sincerity. In addition, we can go ahead in direction broadcasting program which we reported on again originally. (2017/03/07)

Grad hiring entry acceptance start!
We started entry acceptance of "grad hiring 2018". Please confirm the details including application method in adoption HP. (2017/03/01)

Council for broadcast opinion book about program "news girl"
We published opinion book of council for our broadcast about program "news girl". (2017/02/28)

About program "news girl"
We published our opinion about program "news girl". (2017/02/27)

TOKYO MX mall opening!
Which "say, and show" "is more an eye-opener! As well as product which we introduced in plus, we will have gem and animation goods only in Tokyo in future. Don't miss it!

We established 2018 grad hiring HP
As you prepare many contents, look at job hunting raw all of you by all means. We are going to publish interviews of senior employee later. In addition, entry acceptance start is from March 1. (2016/12/20)

Today release! "Audience rating zero! Radical, free challenge of across-the-board program "5:00 single-mindedness!" of ... small and weak TV station (Shinchosha)
Goji ni muchu! Written by producer Takashi Okawa first publication book! 11 years without taboo that Takashi Okawa P talks about. Secret of the Great Leap Forward from minus. There is no money, and there is no connection, and there is no common sense! However, next-generation star is born in sequence; and 11 years. Because nobody sees, we can make freely. Because there is neither money nor know-how, wisdom appears. Hint to make rapid progress from minus in program which can excite NetNews by plan to make a clear distinction from key station every day is full loading. "No, because we are exhaustively" and are ..., it is interesting. Even if there is not talent, is number removed? Thank you in advance! (2016/10/31)


TOKYO MX (9ch)

TOKYO MX (9ch)


"It is NEW GAME!! animation, associated program ② 2430 of this evening Please see "-NTR-# 12 (MX2/ shu) (☌ω☌) <forgery trap" by all means "# 12 (shu) 2500 "Onigiri" # 13 (re-/ shu) 2505 "BLACK LAGOON TheScondBarrage" # 172535!
Please see (☌ω☌) <just before "broadcast by all means (again) special program UQTV leek ma HOLDER!" animation, program ① 1900 "BanGDream!" concerned # 13 (re-/ shu) 2200 "Dragon Ball Z" tonight # 2172229 "Mobile Suit Gundam unicorn RE:0096" # 52300!
Please see 2430 "special program UQTV leek ma HOLDER "3P of angel!" # 12 (shu) (☌ω☌) <just before broadcast!" by all means animation, program ② 2300 "Nichijou which is yuga of ghost apartment" tonight concerned # 132400!
Look at animation, program 1830 "Lupin III (PART2)" [HD] concerned # 441900 "MYSTERIOUS JOKER" tonight # 261930 "palpitation ... of 12 years old ... small chest" # 24 (re-/ shu) (☌ω☌) <right or wrong!
RT @gojimu: Goji ni muchu! As for the straight vote of Monday, September 25, are ... you strong in luck in a lottery? Opinion to program waits for impression, message to Miho Nakai of guest!  #gojimu
RT @gojimu: Goji ni muchu! SP week of Monday, September 25 guest MC! Well side variety show of Matsuko Wakabayashi! Today than Takara Takarazuka Operetta Troupe cafe break Miho Nakai! We ask audience a straight question on theme by "straight vote" right out every time! Can you see the true intention of Tokyo? #gojimu
RT @hirukyun_9ch: It was broadcast from Toshima-ku "Sugamo guardian deity of children street mall"! Antenna shop where unknown gem is available. How about going to visit a little? 12:00 p.m. will be # hiru kyun tomorrow, too! For oo pleasure! All Tanaka…
RT @hirukyun_9ch: It is immediate after this on Monday, September 25! We relay from Toshima-ku "Sugamo guardian deity of children street mall" TOKYO MX today! In Sugamo with Kansai in this state of things? We introduce spot that can taste petit trip feeling in Sugamo! Minami Tanaka # Haraguchi a…
RT @hirukyun_9ch: [hiru kyun! From 12:00 p.m.!] Yutaka Natsuki appears to guest! 0 0 plays an unexpected part art of shopping bag storing that storing prince teaches! ▼What is art of conversation of adult attracting person? ▼<< hiru kyunshoppingu >> is introduction of Colla Rich BB cream! #Minami Tanaka #MX # Hara…
As for animation, related program ② 2330 "Ballroom pass lie" tonight # 122400 "cleanly boy please see Aoyama" # 13 (shu) 2430 "sword boisterous dance okkiikonnosukeno sword walk - derakkusu ..." (☌ω☌) <by all means!


  • It is caution information to whole Nankai Trough. When it is observed foreshock, and the nature possible of giant earthquake increases. From November 1, it is the government. (2017/09/26 18:35)
  • We announce general plan on Koike new party, 27th. LDP and New Komeito hurry development of manifesto. minsusumi is cautious of burying. It is dissolution on House of Representatives 28th. (2017/09/26 19:16)
  • Secession domino of minsusumi does not stop. It spreads to new faces. In Shizuoka two former secretaries to Minister of the Environment thin Nomoto from new party to run. (2017/09/26 22:02)
  • EU, the control of imports of food from Japan to relaxation. After nuclear plant accident, it is ten prefectures of objects including Fukushima and Miyagi. It is final decision within this year. (2017/09/26 21:22)
  • Shinjuku, Tokyo, Itabashi-ku are announced with bad smell to lunch milk of elementary and junior high school. Approximately 1,900 people appeal. Public health center investigates cause. (2017/09/26 20:23)
  • NBA player resists the cards President. By verbal abuse to sportsdom. Criticism occurs successively in the player center of black. The U.S. news. (2017/09/26 11:08)
  • Kurd independence, affirmative vote in northern Iraq are momentum more than 90%. Referendum middle count. The government refuses with "violation of the Constitution". (2017/09/26 22:24)
  • Komeito, Nagasawa resigns as member of the House of Councilors. By woman problem. "We give the government and party a great trouble at important time" (2017/09/26 19:14)
  • Japan Airlines, Hawaiian aviation and business tie-up. And others substitute who Hawaiian is All Nippon Airways, or take their ease. Gold mine line, competition intensification are inevitable. (2017/09/26 20:59)
  • It is preview in "Yayoi Kusama Museum". Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, October 1 opening. "Emotion biggest throughout the life" and Kusama. (2017/09/26 17:36)
hiru kyun! [TUESDAY]
Rose color dandy
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Sea and private supplementary school in Tokyo that sells, Japan

Sea and private supplementary school in Tokyo that sells, Japan

One warm welcome that wants to learn person who has not handled fish, right way of judging! Cooking class holding to be able to learn right how to handle fish, grated one, cooking in three hours! ■Event summary [place] Hattori nourishment technical school [the date and time…

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MX festival Vol.1 ARSMAGNA SPECIAL Christmas LIVE - Several Winter Story ...

MX festival Vol.1 ARSMAGNA SPECIAL Christmas LIVE - Several Winter Story ...

Date: November 23 Thursday (holiday) Meeting place: Pacifico Yokohama Kunitachi coliseum opening 17:00/ start 18:00 rate (tax-included): S seat 7,000 yen/A seat 5,000 yen inquiry: KM music 045-201-9999 (weekdays from 11:00 to 18:00…

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U-FES. 2017

U-FES. 2017

Being able to meet gathering place <U-FES> YouTuber of fan and YouTuber all at once only in U-FES! The details of event to "U-FES. 2017" official site! Sponsorship: UUUM / TOKYO MX

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