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October 3 start! Information program "hiru kyun!" of new lunch It is Minami Tanaka in MC for from Monday to Friday
New information program "hiru kyun!" of Monday, October 3 Start broadcast But, we were announced.
It is Minami Tanaka in MC for from Monday to Friday.
Furthermore, gobiid comes in MC in MC in MC in MC in MC in male MC formation on Ippei Kanie, Friday on Takehiro Kimoto (TKO), Thursday on sun plaza Nakano, Wednesday on Yusuke Inoue (NONSTYLE), Tuesday on Monday (garejjiseru). A certain “ kyun a lot of in Tokyo area! "And spot and “ kyun such as Yes shop or restaurant! We introduce "and living information to come and we pack with information to expand TOKYO life of all of you more and tell! (2016/09/09)

"Business trip! Goji ni muchu! Public live broadcasting of elegant kyapikyapi SP last in in Kyoto KBS hall - summer vacation
During "5:00 dream!" of Tuesday, August 30 Oh, from KBS Kyoto "business trip! Goji ni muchu! We broadcast exhibition of the last elegant kyapikyapi SP live in in Kyoto KBS hall - summer vacation.
We give to regular performer, and sea peace of Kenji Moriwaki and KBS Kyoto announcer of fiery zeal talent from Kyoto appears to guest. (2016/08/26)

On Monday, August 22, we change a plan of program with the typhoon landing today.
With the typhoon landing, we change a plan of program today.
From 11:00 to 11:30 (TOKYO MX1) "Princess Korean drama, nights with the midnight sun" ⇒ "typhoon information" ※"Distorted reality" becomes going to broadcast Episode 31 that we planned tomorrow in 8/23.
From 14:00 to 14:30 (TOKYO MX1) "flower with Korean drama, splinter" ⇒ "typhoon information" ※Episode 58 that we planned becomes going to broadcast tomorrow in 8/23.


Plan way of life ... special in "morning CROSS" summer vacation making company for ... school days in "summer of young industrialists"
Special plan of "morning CROSS" summer approaches in the backside of young person entrepreneur gyokai to be worried about for Saki Osawa rare ga three weeks publishing magazine to introduce student entrepreneurs to as special episode of popular plan "gyokai communication" of Tuesday from high school days! In addition, including Rika Shiiki attracting attention as female college student, president, young person entrepreneur whom Takumi Yoshida who established seven sense at 15 years old as President Japanese youngest carries the Japanese future on appears as commentator every day! We let two viewpoints called "youth" and "entrepreneur" cross and cut news keenly! (2016/08/04)

Governor Atarashi Koike student appears in "TOKYO MX NEWS" of ... today at 18:00 on 8/3 Wednesday!
Casts today live in "TOKYO MX NEWS" from 18:00 Governor of Yuriko Koike Shinto Kyoto in studio! How do you face each other for problem of the capital piling up? Life hits various questions directly! (2016/08/03)

Governor Atarashi Koike appointment press conference live broadcast 8/2 Tuesday 13:30 ...
By voting and counting the ballots of yesterday (July 31)
We broadcast appointment press conference of Governor decided Yuriko Koike live ... (TOKYO MX1) at 13:30 on Tuesday, August 2. (2016/08/01)

New program "Chan not to look after who makes together!" 7/5 Start broadcast!
New program "Chan not to look after who makes together!" 7/5 Start broadcast! By program which did collaboration with HIKAKIN of popularity YouTuber attracting attention from small junior and senior high school students to adult from wide layer, President beginning and video creator, we develop various plans! (2016/06/17)

Last day of Tokyo metropolitan assembly 2016 second ordinary assembly, plenary session live broadcast after this 13:00 ... (Wednesday, June 15) 
We broadcast live after this in - TOKYO MX1 at 13:00 on the last day of ordinary assembly, the plenary session in the second in Tokyo metropolitan assembly 2016 when Governor Masuzoe attends. (2016/06/15)

We broadcast "Tokyo metropolitan assembly general affairs Committee" emergency live broadcast today. (Monday, June 13)
By a series of problems about Governor Yoichi Masuzoe of Tokyo, each metropolitan assembly denomination invites Governor Masuzoe today in general affairs Committee of (Monday, June 13) and performs concentrated deliberation.
As a result, we decided live broadcast in a hurry in TOKYO MX.
As for the broadcast time, it is as follows.
Monday, June 13
From 14:30 to 18:00 (TOKYO MX2)
From 18:00 to 18:30 (TOKYO MX1) ※"TOKYO MX NEWS" is inner
From 18:30 to 19:00 (TOKYO MX2)
It is (2016/06/13) (in the case of ※ change, there is)

Niece kid "U" of Takeshi Kaneshiro "will go to anywhere tomorrow!" We appear from ni Saturday, June 4
Visit to Japan Chinese food area tourist, trip to Japan rial documentary program of regular programs "will go anywhere tomorrow!" In (Saturday from 23:00 to 23:30 TOKYO MX2 others), niece kid "U" (yu) of Takeshi Kaneshiro comes up as new regular performer from broadcast time on Saturday, June 4! Don't miss it! (2016/06/07)

Goji ni muchu! Hollywood actress Jodie Foster is guest-shot on 6/2 Thursday!
During "5:00 dream!" of Thursday, June 2 Case of ni shock…
Casts what live Hollywood actress Jodie Foster!
True. Without passing over! (2016/05/31)

About 2016 Kumamoto earthquake
We give to all of you suffered from by this Kumamoto earthquake and your family heartily.
I wish you security of all of you and a revival that is early all day long of stricken area. (2016/04/22)

TOKYO MX seeing and hearing guide
Specifically, please see this. (2014/07/28)


TOKYO MX (9ch)

TOKYO MX (9ch)


☾*Animation, program ③ tonight concerned ☆As for 2400 "Magical DoReMi Blu-rayBOX release memory special select broadcast" #6 liar, 2430 beginning of friendship "SORD art online" look at deep water (☌ω☌) <right or wrong of # 13 Naraku (again)!
Animation, program ② of "☾* this evening concerned ☆2200 "SERVAMP" (shu) animation "SERVAMP" supesharu 2300 "tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION (shu) # 13 tsukinouta. Look at 2330 "basketball selection of Kuroko" # 22.5 Tip off(☌ω☌) <right or wrong!
Look at stealing (4th ...) 2300 Matoi the Sacred Slayer (4th ...) 2430 Stella nomaho (4th ...) of 1955 new animated show 1830 soulbuster (4th ...) Nobunaga by all means on the (☌ω☌) <MX10 night of Tuesday a month! We will tell about new program of Mizuki day tomorrow!>(☌ω☌)
Look at - (3rd ...) right or wrong from new animated show ② 2400 magic girl upbringing plan (3rd ...) 2430 Saint Seiya gold soul -soul of gold- (3rd ...) 2500 school Hansom (3rd ...) 2505TRICKSTER- Ranpo Edogawa "detective boy corps" on the (☌ω☌) <MX10 night of Monday a month!>(☌ω☌)
(☌ω☌) <MX10 night of Monday a month new animated show ① 1900 MYSTERIOUS JOKER season 4 (3rd ...) 1930 12 years old. It continues in ② for palpitation ... (3rd ...) 2155 3 D gumi Glass Mask (3rd ...) 2300 Attack on Titan original master of ... small chest which does not lie (3rd ...)>(☌ω☌)
It is (☌ω☌) <TOKYO MX which is always taken care of! New animation of October start is news of allied program secondary to yesterday. Please understand that we may be changed without notice. Notation shakes, and please forgive equal hago. We show around Monday and Tuesday today!
☾*Animation, program ① tonight concerned ☆Look at (☌ω☌) <right or wrong in point of 1830 "<story> series selections" Bakemonogatari / hitagi club it no * 1900 "Tentou Mushi no Uta" # 84 sukoi sumo trip 1930 "Saint Seiya THE LOST CANVAS *oshinhanashi" # 21 dream!
RT @gojimu: Goji ni muchu! As for the straight vote of Wednesday, September 28, is there "terrible liar" around ... you? We wait for question and message to pinch hitter MC Atsushi Tamura! …
September theme "disaster prevention." horan Chiaki navigates achievement of professional working on development of seifuruisooki consistently this time for 25 years! How were new generation seismic isolation devices produced? "Tokyo JOBS" is 21:55 start tonight!
☾*Animation, program ③ tonight concerned ☆"It is thiaboy 2300! "(shu) # 12 thiaDanshi! Hell 2535 in 2505 "MONSTER" # 39 "owner puberty please see information corner" (re-/ shu) (☌ω☌) <by all means!


  • It is hatsukakumen reka by consecutive death by poisoning cases of Yokohama, quantity of mixture adjustment. All are heartbeat drops from intravenous feeding exchange in 6-7 hours. (2016/09/28 21:27)
  • It is called for opinion by the prime minister, revision of the Constitution by each party. Stand on both houses of Representatives and Councilors "more than two-thirds" necessary for Diet proposal power, and repeat; and will. (2016/09/28 18:56)
  • We show determination of Toyosu solution to the problem saying "we clarify responsibility". Governor Yuriko Koike of Tokyo. Belief expression first after appointment. (2016/09/28 13:54)
  • Is wide over Japanese Islands, 29 days; fear of heavy rain. State instability atmospheric under the influence of front. For earth and sand disaster, the inundation attention. (2016/09/28 18:17)
  • Ikata Nuclear Power Plant driving suspension suit of Shikoku Electric Power. 264 inhabitants of Oita in Oita District Court. "Focal region of Nankai Trough" (2016/09/28 17:57)
  • Championship that it is four years since the last Pacific League, Nippon Meat Packers. We reverse up to 11.5 game behind the leading team. We win competition with soft B. (2016/09/28 21:22)
  • We compensate Toyota and order that the cleaning business presentation is illegal in clerkdom. Visiting reemployment Nagoya High Court after retirement. "We lack in substance of continuation" (2016/09/28 23:34)
  • Malaysian plane shooting down, missile in 14 years Ukraine from Russia. Joint investigation team of five countries is reported. (2016/09/28 22:09)
  • Major department store makes a reservation of New Year dishes and accepts and starts. As for product of super high-quality article and Kumamoto support, the having a meal individually use. Marketable goods are 20,000 yen stands. (2016/09/28 19:01)
  • Ainosuke Kataoka and Norika Fujiwara are wedding receptions. In hotel in Tokyo. Approximately 600 people concerned with entertainment are blessed. (2016/09/28 21:00)