Capital decisive battle 2012

Sunday, December 16
From 19:30 to 24:30 (plan)

TOKYO MX is particular about "whom is it to as for the part of steering of capital, Tokyo with 13 million?" above all as TV station of Tokyo while national election attracts attention.
In addition, the Lower House election tells about the official counting of votes situation of Tokyo electoral district 25. It is meeting, 5-hour large size election up-to-the-minute returns special program in Mayumi Kurata of comic artist who is sharp as for Nobuo Sasaki Chuo University's professor who makes a specialty of public administration for guest, and knows a lot about the metropolitan government, Masaru Sato who has original viewpoint in former foreign affairs bureaucrats about the government, the comment of society comment on current events

Host: Takahiro Nakatani (TOKYO MX NEWS caster)
Riko Horitomo
Commentary: Nobuo Sasaki (Chuo University's professor)
Masaru Sato (former Ministry of Foreign Affairs's chief analysis official, writer)
Mayumi Kurata (comic artist)
Reporter: Akiko Omori, Hiroyuki Asakura

Tokyo governor election

The official counting of votes end

toImage: Naoki InoseNaoki Inose nothing, new 4,338,936
Image: Kenji UtsunomiyaKenji Utsunomiya nothing, new 968,960
Image: Shigefumi MatsuzawaShigefumi Matsuzawa nothing, new 621,278
Image: Takashi SasakawaTakashi Sasakawa new 179,180

Member of the Metropolitan assembly by-election


The official counting of votes end

toImage: Yasunobu ObaYasunobu Oba own new 174,794
Image: Yasuko SugayaCitizen of Yasuko Sugaya, new 103,190
Image: Yuichi GotoYuichi Goto causes 49,892


The official counting of votes end

toImage: Takehiko IzumiTakehiko Izumi own new 68,315
Image: Nobutoshi UmedaLook after Nobutoshi Umeda; new 39,357
Image: Tadashi Tanino ShiroTadashi Tanino Shiro new 34,025


The official counting of votes end

toImage: Mitsuru KondoMitsuru Kondo own new 114,431
Image: Minoru MorozumiMinoru Morozumi nothing, new 93,607
Image: Katsuhiro IchikawaKatsuhiro Ichikawa, new 42,195