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TOKYO MX NEWS which conveys movement of Tokyo and the metropolitan government thoroughly every day.
Up-to-the-minute returns of election for this member of the Metropolitan assembly whom voting and counting the ballots are carried out for on Sunday, June 23 make Akira Ikegami general host and it lasts for three and a half hours from 9:00 p.m. and tells.
By broadcast with party headquaters, how does cadre answer scathing question of Akira Ikegami?
Does Akira Ikegami saying, "we want audiences to rediscover Tokyo through election for member of the Metropolitan assembly" move program while talking about what for audience?
"Capital decisive battle 2013" to attract attention as "preliminary skirmish of the Upper House election".
While always telling about the number of votes according to candidate every electoral district by data broadcasting and tell about whereabouts of 127 seats with broadcast report, attention electoral district information, reporter commentary by program!