Capital decisive battle 2014 - Tokyo governor election up-to-the-minute returns ...

Sunday, February 9, 2014 from 19:59 to 23:00 (maximum extension 24:30)

◆Up-to-the-minute returns

(the official counting of votes end) 
1.  Yoichi Masuzoe to Yoichi Masuzoe
2.  Kenji Utsunomiya Kenji Utsunomiya
3.  saikawamamoriki saikawamamoriki
4.  Toshio Tamogami Toshio Tamogami
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◆Program summary

The governor of Tokyo
While learning with Akira Ikegami
We ask the selected new governor tonight!

Whom does new "face" of capital, Tokyo become? We tell about moment of official counting of votes situation and "new governor" decision while appointing Akira Ikegami as general host, and learning governor's race. How does Akira Ikegami cut to candidate and "the new governor?" We make the most of Twitter by program and take up voice of audience positively.

[general host] Akira Ikegami
[progress] Machiko Kondo
[plan report] Haruka Christine