TOKYO MX TOP2016 Tokyo governor election official counting of votes special program election CROSS

2016 Tokyo governor election official counting of votes special program election CROSS

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"Problem of Tokyo becoming mind most"

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Tokyo Governor that resignation occurred successively over "politics and money." "Face" of next Tokyo? What is nature found by the governor of Tokyo? Result of Tokyo governor election that became exceptional development is reported quickly by selection of candidate! We hit the governor who was just elected directly! What would the new governor do to "Tokyo" for the next four years? We thoroughly analyze policy and personality! Following the Upper House election, "TOKYO MX NEWS" works together with "MORNING CROSS" and tells about various guests together! (casts) MC: Moat moisture / subMC: kyuse**ko guest: Takashi Mikuriya (University of Tokyo's emeritus professor), Ryosuke Nishida (Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology), Haruka Christine (talent) Yasuo Tanaka (Governor of former Nagano), Shigefumi Matsuzawa (Governor of former Kanagawa)

The highlight

It is governor's race official counting of votes special program which "TOKYO MX NEWS" telling clearly raises its all power, and sends news of Tokyo that news program "MORNING CROSS" without sanctuary of audience participation type and Tokyo residents want to know! Good combination of morning face, moat moisture caster and kyuse**ko caster comes up at night! Favorite politics to go to visit street speech of each candidate at every Associate Professor Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Ryosuke Nishida, election that Takashi Mikuriya, "the media and the LDP" ask reputation, the way of politics in information-intensive society Univ. of Tokyo's emeritus professor to sound alarm bell for political scientist on behalf of Japan, "the end of politics", guest is Haruka Christine of talent. It links broadcast to each office of main candidates let alone great fierce battle reporting the expected official counting of votes situation quickly one by one and sends "the moment" when Governor of new capital is decided throughout! As for the possibility of studio intrusion of person who experienced governor!