Animation information by TOKYO MX

Animation information by TOKYO MX skill logo

If we use "animation information by TOKYO MX" skill,
We can hear information of animation broadcasting in TOKYO MX in Alexa.
Please talk to Alexa as follows.

You <Alexa. Open up animation information.
We tell about animation information of TOKYO MX. Today's animation ...
Today's animation.
The tomorrow's animation.
Animation ranking of popularity.
Animation news.
New program information.
Today's animated show to broadcast in TOKYO MX is ...

Alexa answers your appeal.

Flash Briefing

If we use "Flash Briefing" skill,
Alexa reads information such as news aloud.
In TOKYO MX, there are the following Flash Briefing contents.

We tell about news of Tokyo.
"Tokyo information"
We send living information or event for person living in Tokyo to spend time more comfortably in detail.
We send corner WEB news word-of-mouth communication ranking in MORNING CROSS of popularity.