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12 Great War

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Only one wish that Episode 12 wants to grant by all means and 99 wishes that are not so relatively

Thursday, December 21, 2017 broadcast

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Record of bloody battle of 12 proudhearted soldiers――

The twelfth 12 Great War that is held once in 12 years.
Of 12 to retain the name of the sexagenary cycle come hard, and soldier bets each other's lives and souls, and fight.
Participant "child" "Ox" "tiger" "u" "dragon" "serpent" "go" "non-" "monkey" "tori" "inu" "i"
12 people, strange soldier stand of this.

Person who won against the fight can grant only one for any wish.
Only one wish that we want to grant by all means――

Finally who is surviving person?
Whose tear is it to drift in battlefield where stratagem and massacre swirl?
Battle royal shaking soul goes to war.

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: "12 Great War"
Novel: Ishin Nishio / illustration: Hikaru Nakamura (Shueisha)
Director: Naoto Hosoda 
Series constitution: Sadayuki Murai
Character design: kashukari*
Music: Go Shiina
Music production: AVEX pictures
Animation production: gurafinika

[the cast]
"Child" It is senshishinju of this: Shun Horie
"The Ox" It is senshishitsui of this: Yuichiro Umehara
"Tiger" It is senshinetamiryo of this: Hiromi Igarashi
"u" It is senshiyujo of this: Nobuhiko Okamoto
"Dragon" It is soldier condemnation brothers, older brother of this: Takuya Eguchi
"Serpent" It is soldier condemnation brothers, younger brother of this: Kosuke Toriumi
"go" It is senshiu々shin of this: Hikaru Midorikawa
"Non-" It is senshi*ji of this: Chou
"Monkey" It is soldier grain of sand of this: Saori Hayami
"tori" It is senshiteitori of this: Aaya Sakura
"inu" Of this soldier anger projecting: Tomohiro Nishimura
"i" It is soldier exceptional talent meat of this: Yoko Hikasa
dudekyapuru: Hiroki Yasumoto

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