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Big crime of sin seven

Big crime of sin seven

Friday from 25:05 to 25:35
April 7 is the first special program

April 14, 2017 Start broadcast!

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Broadcast information

Broadcast information

Foggy town where Episode 4 avarice wriggles

Friday, May 5, 2017 broadcast

Lucifer who looks for demon king mamon of avarice in foggy town London. However, trap contrived suddenly exercises at drugstore of mamon which they finally located, and Lucifer are restricted. Lucifer who challenged mamon to one to one game is kept to suburban Kojo and will receive torturing of torture. After having jumped out to look for Lucifer that Levi attan was taken away, shin*a left one in shop found mysterious contract, but there was figure of mamon to smile at in the rear.

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