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The Genie Family
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BanG Dream!
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Card fight! Vanguard
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Fool girl
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Dull hours children
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Onigiri (again)
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Forgery trap -NTR-

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Episode 16 "ding-dong! It is besutofurendonya ♪" in exchange Stay (I Missed You)

Sound and * which completely made friends recently. The Sirens change themselves into * to sever relation between such two people and reject only quarrel in sound. When sound that successfully fell into strategy of the Sirens does argument at school with *, teacher in charge says that sound and * were chosen as best friend grand prix of school. Sound and * which answer with smile that it is clapped the hands for all of class, and was drawn. Award ceremony of best friend award to come to not only all the students but also father and mother. Therefore it was * to say to practice piano because you must show special ability, but * which just quarrelled was sound that there was not exercise of piano.

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