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12 years old. Palpitation ... (again) of ... small chest

12 years old. Palpitation ... (again) of ... small chest

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12 years old. Palpitation ... (again) of ... small chest

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We love Episode 24

Monday, September 25, 2017 broadcast

It is first Christmas to spend with boyfriend!
Flower Sunday and Takao who decided to change present on Christmas date. Takao who was going to make hair slide of present flower Sunday. The face nears flower Sunday…Flower Sunday throbs! So near one is by any chance the second smelt-whiting of promise…! But ma where Takao is going in front of flower Sunday which closed its eyes...

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Girl that flower Sunday of sixth grader is in love with love.
One day we witness with boy, Takao of class when teacher in charge kisses….

The staff cast

[the cast]
Hanabi Ayase: Ai Kakuma
Yuto Takao: Soma Sato
Yui Aoi: Jyuri Kimura
Kazuma Hiyama: Shun Horie
Marin Ogura: Makiguchi Mayuki
Kokoa Hamana: Sayuri Hara
Ayumu Tsutsumi: Tetsuya Kakihara

[The staff]
The original: "12 years old." Naho (in "chao" / Shogakukan during serialization) who wound up
Director: daichuseiki
Series constitution: Fumi Tsubota
Music: iwasakigenze
Animation production: o L M

Opening music:
Rie Murakawa "Sweet Sensation" ]
Ending music:
A o P "Cotona MODE" ]

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