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Broadcast information

Episode 25 ALL OUT

Thursday, March 30, 2017 broadcast

... not to be able to wipe out Matsuo and feeling of antagonism with third graders. But you must let "Kanagawa strongest school" to be more in front than such a thing learn our name now in ... now! Is charmed by play of God High School harassing cooperation side denochiguhagusahaarumonono inevitable death; and that man is ... at last. "God high VS mineon" war, it is concluded magnificently! !

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Kanagawa Senior High School, the day of the entrance ceremony.
Build is small, but, as for the competitive spirit, beginner, Gion (gion) of person 1 time joins rugby club, and story begins to change.

Captain, red mountain (sekizan) which hid Hachioji (bee maggot), also overwhelming force and fighting spirit hotter than anyone else classmate, water trickling from between the rocks (lets you say, and does not see), vice-captain who was service-minded, and was anxious about member who could not devote himself/herself to rugby from event with the past.

Member that both build and individuality are inconsistent,
We grow up while clashing at ground of youth.
For the best stage in point that used all up -!

The staff cast

Gion Kenji: Shoya Chiba
Water trickling from between the rocks is clear: Yuto Adachi
akasansusugi*: Yoshimasa Hosoya
hachioko*: Ryota Osaka
Ohara Nokoshi I: Kensho Ono
kobunyu: Futoshi Murata
Kamo thunder large: Masayuki Shoji 
Basket Shingo: Takaya Haji

The original: Rain shallows Shiori (Kodansha monthly publication "morning coat two" serialization)
Director: Kennichi Shimizu
Series constitution, script: Masahiro Yokoya
Script: Shingo Irie
Character design: *garitsu
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX)
Archdeacon: Shinichiro Ushijima
Action drawing director: Yoshihiro Sugano
Art director: Riki Nshikura
Color scheme: Nakajima sound dream
Director of photography: Hiroshi Inoue
3DCG director: Hiroki Nagahama
Special effects: Team Taniguchi
Editing: Yoshiko Kimura
Sound director: shosenkikai
Sound production: Jinnan studio
Production: Tom's entertainment X MADHOUSE
Plan production cooperation: Telecom animation film
Production: God high rugby club
Cooperation: Japan Rugby Football Union

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