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amanchu! ... adobansu

amanchu! ... adobansu

Sunday from 23:00 to 23:30

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amanchu! ... adobansu

Broadcast information

The tomorrow's thing that we do not know Episode 12 yet sometime

Sunday, June 24, 2018 broadcast

Challenge aiming at the acquisition of advance license meets the climax, and we are scared, and lever chooses diving as the last subject before in the night when there was not. Lever which is seen off by the person concerned, and sinks in the sea of pikarito night. We take in thought of pikaritotekohao each other while swimming in sea average without solar light. Totally enjoy scenery such as different world fantasy, memory of two people...

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Futaba Ohki which moved in from Hikari Kohinata and Tokyo where we were born and raised in town of Izu. Two people who entered Yumegaoka High School together found much happiness in scuba diving and everyday casual event. It is Futaba that was once negative against everything, but experiences some joy to step forward before one step thanks to forward light brightly. Furthermore, in Futaba passing training of opening water diver who was the heart's desire, and next aiming at adovansudo opening water diver. As for 1 degree irreplaceable high school life, this is public performance more.
As far as days to move forward in wonderful two people who are not over every day together continue, all the time.

The staff cast

The original: Kozue Amano (braid comics / maggugaden)
General manager: Junnichi Sato
Director: Seiko Sayama
Script: Akao deko / Hiroko Fukuda
Character design: Yoko Ito
Art director: Chikako Shibata (studio canon)
Color scheme: Miyuki Ishida
Director of photography: Hidenori Manaka, Shingo Fukuyo
Editing: Hitomi Sudo (REAL-T)
Opening theme: Suzuki grows; "Crosswalk"
Song of insertion: Kubota Mina feat.MIYUU&MASUMI(Mistera Feo) "Tieleusha"
Music production: Flying Dog
Animation production: J.C.STAFF
Production: Yumegaoka High School diving department

Hikari Kohinata :Eri Suzuki
Futaba Ohki :Ai Kayano
Ai Ninomiya :Saori Onishi
Makoto Ninomiya :Yuichiro Umehara
Mato Katori :Shizu Ito
cha advisor :Yurika Kubo
Kino Kohinata :Kikuko Inoue
Cape heart :Ai Yamamoto
Cape small bird :Ai Kakuma
Kohinata echo :Aya Suzaki

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