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Apollo of slope

Apollo of slope

Tuesday from 25:05 to 25:35

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Apollo of slope

Broadcast information

The Episode 12 oar blues

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 broadcast

1,000 Taro who disappeared. kun injures Ritsuko because we are going to take the reality calmly. kun passes university of Tokyo with feeling passing each other, and Sunday leaving town comes…? Time when it was resonant through jazz, and kun and 1,000 Taro whom we met miraculously shined. Where does heart of kun which lost the light go to? How does bond with fellow turn out? The last inning of shock development!

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Early summer, 1966.

seikenkun of tenth grader moved in from Yokosuka to one, Kyushu where relative was on account of the work of father. It was kun which is apt to shut heart around in honor students, but unprecedented encounter with classmate, Sentaro Kawabuchi that is afraid of with "notorious bad one" changes him till then.
Existence to be able to call charm of jazz which we knew through 1,000 Taro and the first "friend."
That group and music to play are so fun!

For daughter, Ritsuko of record shop which is gentle at heart in childhood friends of 1,000 Taro, upper-class student, Yurika who is mystery ass, longed-for elder brother, it is Atsushi older brother….
Youth human drama which friendship, love feeling, music is dazzling, and mixes on the stage of seaside town where there is American culture!

The staff cast

<the staff>
The original: "Apollo of slope" Yuki Kodama (Shogakukan "monthly publication Flowers" serialization)
Director: Shinnichiro Watanabe
Script: Ayako Kato, Yuko Kakihara
Character design: Nobuteru Yuki
Total drawing director: Yoshimitsu Yamashita
Music: Yoko Kanno
Animation production: MAPPA/ Tezuka production

<the cast>
[we look at the west and are fragrant] Ryohei Kimura
[Sentaro Kawabuchi] Yoshimasa Hosoya
[meeting Ritsuko] Yuka Nanri
[Yurika Fukahori] Aya Endo
[Junichi Katsuragi] Junichi Suwabe
[mukaeben] Yoshinori Kitajima
[Seiji Matsuoka] Nobuhiko Okamoto
[gambijutora] Ayumi Murase
[mari child] Amina Sato

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