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BanG Dream!

BanG Dream!

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BanG Dream!

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We have run Episode 8!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 broadcast

Kasumi who knew true reason why sand intricate design left band invites morning of school festival while having feeling that we felt fuzzy in. And Kasumi decides to let school festival succeed for sand intricate design that was not able to come for school festival by toaru circumstances. On the other hand, heart is moved from message of carrying by the lyrics of music written in cheers and letter of audible classmate...

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Kasumi who was looking for being DOKIDOKI like "beating of star" that we heard when we looked up at starlit sky all the time shiningly when we were young. We feel the first palpitation to "star-shaped guitar" which we came across in storehouse of old pawnshop on one day when we just entered high school, and feeling that we shut in all the time starts running. With four girls who were looking for place that could shine in the same way. When one is sound that we were not able to make, five people are surely played.
Here, we absolutely make live!

The staff cast

[the cast]
Toyama Kasumi: Manami
Tae Hanazono: Sae Otsuka
Ushigome rimi: Nishimoto rimi
Saaya Yamabuki: Ayaka Ohashi
Arisa Ichigaya: Ayasa Ito

Tsuzuki poetry ship: Mami Koyama
shinji*々ko: Yoshitake Yuko
Toyama Asuka: Yuka Ozaki
Ushigome lily: Mimori suzuko

[The staff]
The original: ISSEN
Production total conduct: Takaaki Kitani
Story original bill: Ko Nakamura
Director: Atsushi Otsuki
Series constitution: Ayana yuniko
Character original bill: Hitowa
Character design: Nita Matsuko
Art director: Scott MacDonald
Color scheme: Makiko Kojima
Director of photography: Fish mountain Shinji
Editing: New Nozomi Mimoto
Sound director: Toshiki Kameyama
Music producer: jomatsuhan*, Junpei Fujita
Music: Elements Garden
OP theme
 "Palpitation experience!"
 Poppin' Party
 Words: Ko Nakamura composition: jomatsuhan* (Elements Garden) arrangement: Jin Toma (Elements Garden)
ED theme
 That "it is dream shiningly ... Sing Girls ~"
 Poppin' Party
 Words: Ko Nakamura composition, arrangement: Ryutaro Fujinaga (Elements Garden)
Animation production: ISSEN X XEBEC
Production: Bushiroad, overlap, Bushiroad music, o L M, TOKYO MX, GOOD SMILE COMPANY, Horipro

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