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Episode 23 destruction by fire gosho city

Friday, November 24, 2017 broadcast

The earth. Irwin Castle. Large hall. Armaments of bakufu have begun to gather one after another. What begins? In the busyness, we are asked for personal life guard of Yuri His Highness in strict confidence. Assassinator who also attacks, and comes. We show bravery of Milky Way violent wind which we were able to let resound all over in kyoraku star! But share time; and is earthquake occurrence in goshoshiti! I smell some kina!

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Dozens of planets group which were born by more than 600 years to Jupiter destruction than Braiger formed six "planet Sea" to the solar system. The times of war that the rule system by solar system management mechanism "bakufu" is weakened, and fierce fight with anti-Establishment group is developed. We gather fellows and organize "violent wind corps" in order that leader, Dihigo (Don) of motorcycle gangs "*" running space in kozumobaiku add Lila, *umakorekai to friend with shutekken, Shiro (Billy) of fellow and give "Milky Way violent wind", and to give one flag to the solar system.

The staff cast

[the cast]
Billy the shot: Kaneto Shiozawa
Lila of immortal butterfly: Yoko Asagami
It is hi bino *uma: Isao Mori solstice
shutekken of moro blade: Kazuyuki Sogabe
Don kondoru: Kan Tokumaru
Three J: Joji Yanami

[The staff]
Production: The pot field Girl's Festival
Plan: Pot field Shigeo
Original bill, constitution: Masaru Yamamoto
Music: Masayuki Yamamoto
Chief director: Tadashi Nitta
Character design: Kazuo Komatsubara
Mechanic design: Hiroshi Onishi
Chief designer: Takashimadaira
Producer: tsubotashigeo
Production charge: Shuji Imae
Plan, production: International movie company

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