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Yokai Ningen Bem

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Wing that it was cursed Episode 4

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 broadcast

In the public, pets which became nature disappear suddenly, and cases to attack human being who it is occur in a row. It is full of the topic at empty school. In such an occasion, Mitsuki of classmate of the sky picks up one damaged parrot. That Mitsuki treats injury and begins to bring up carefully, but that the parrot only repeats the same words, and Mitsuki tells words how much...

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■"Yokai Ningen Bem -HUMANOID MONSTER BEM-"
After long wandering, Yokai Ningen Bem, seawife, tongues came over to huge wankishishun. This town where ghost appears one after another. Is it ... why ghosts came out of deep sleep? And is natal secret of ghost human beings ...? Is that ghost human beings can become human being ...?

■"I tacha ghost human being G"
We decide so that "I tacha ghost human being G" does its best, and the origin recurs, and ghost human beings who cannot become human being of thing which came do from cell once again again. That return to soft and mushy cell in flask, and enter the arising modern fashion and social phenomenon by cut in original pure viewpoint now, and study human being; is CG animation of absurdity literally.
What kind of change do cells which obtained modern basic knowledge accomplish? Is the result really human being? "I tacha ghost human being G" where the cast just challenges at new cut end in fun!

The staff cast

■"Yokai Ningen Bem -HUMANOID MONSTER BEM-"
[The staff]
The original: ASATSU-DK
Director: Hiroshi Harada series constitution: Junki Takegami animation production: Studio comet production: NAS
Production: NAS/ Sony Pictures entertainment / Avex Entertainment Inc. / studio comet

[the cast]
BEM: Kazuhiko Inoue
Seawife: Kaori Yamagata
Vero: Intracavernous love

■"I tacha ghost human being G"
[The staff]
The original: ASATSU-DK
Director: Yuzuru Adachi
Animation production: DLE
Production: NAS/DLE

[the cast]
BEM: Tomokazu Sugita
Seawife: Kana Kurashina
Vero: Kenta Suga

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Trip ... which visits house of prestigious family ... 100 years old for 100 years

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