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Black Jack

Black Jack

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Black Jack

Broadcast information

Karte: Kamaitachi of 62 sea of trees

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 broadcast

Mysterious slasher case that happened in deep forest. Murder suspect is Black Jack! You uncover secret of Kamaitachi of sea of trees, and look for the true criminal! In missile base in the Canadian forest, experiment of new missile was conducted. Staff exposing joy. However, world-famous skilled physician kuronen doctor shows fierce expression. kuronen doctor visited home...

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Boy having mother who is brought up in rich house, and is beautiful and able father, interval black man. Way to the future of boy should have had been full of hope brightly. However, one unexploded shell smashed the future of boy instantly. Mother died for explosion accident, and family collapsed, and boy suffered serious wound as body broke up, and anyone was convinced of death of boy.
It was surgeon called main room to have saved it. Honma did not give up. We performed major surgery for dozens of hours to save boy and brought boy to life at last from deep water of death. Hair which half became white hair for body, fear that were full of patchwork. Figure of boy who revived completely changed.
And rehabilitation such as hell to revive body was waiting afterwards. Boy endured rehabilitation. On chest of boy, a certain aim arose gradually. It was to become superior surgeon such as main room.
And it is several years later. One genius surgeon was born. It is birth of Black Jack. Doctor who enables impossibility. Doctor who takes unreasonable operation charges. And……Doctor of interloper who does not have doctor license. The reason is not sure why he is unlicensed medicine. They hate being seized with form, and originally they did not take or had, but they were deprived for some reason, or people talk.

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Osamu Tezuka (than AKITA PUBLISHING)
Production unification: Takayuki Matsutani / Shinya Koishikawa
Plan: Yoshihiro Shimizu / Michihiko Suwa
Music: Akihiko Matsumoto
Chief director: Satoshi Kuwabara
Main character design: Sachiko Kamimura
Art director: Masami Saito / Masahito Shibata
Director of photography: Shunya Kimura
Digital technical director: Kentaro Takahashi
Editing: Seiji Morita
Sound director: Izawa group
Public information: Norihiko Imamura / Miho Fujimoto
Production desk: Mineko Otsuka
Assistant producer: Shuichi Kitada
Animation producer: Mitsuaki Oishi / Hiroshi Osawa
Producer: Tomoyuki Saito / Sumio Udagawa
Chief producer: Michihiko Suwa / Minoru Kubota
Director: Makoto Tezuka
Production: Yomiuri TV / Tezuka production

[the cast]
Black Jack: Akio Otsuka
pinoko: Yuko Mizutani
Sharaku: Sato yuuko
The sum up: Ryoko Ono
Master: Kosei Tomita
Largo: Makoto Ishii

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