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Braiger (again)

Braiger (again)

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Braiger (again)

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Episode 39 ABAYO (the latter part)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 broadcast

Under cover of moving fleet of Nubia, J9 and earth regular army which escaped from attack of enemy started counterattack. The last fight was going to right just begin.

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Laughter of bad (bad one) echoes through shining shade of star of night sky.
We carry tears of crying person on our back, and it is disposed of space from star to star. Braiger, call bitoaraba, it is visited immediately!

The 22nd century when the human makes the solar system colony. Underground organization "connection" that was tied to corruption government official behind the scenes, and had powerful power in its hand of gorgeous planet development business committed all kinds of evil. Isaac, kid, town, outsider four of Sinomenium Stem form "kozumorenja J9". We ride heteromorphic battle machine "brei garfish" and, in exchange for vast reward, start disposal shop business to clear itself from regrets of people who were sacrificed for bad person.

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