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Episode 12 bond

Thursday, March 30, 2017 broadcast

heisei. 50 years old to run immovable industry in Osaka. We did limit by work in interval of law. Family notameya which it loves all. We want to see child and wife. Though became Sakamoto hanniha care, shaanainya. Anything is Yes if we do it to return to Dad, yuzuhiko and place of Akiko!

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Weapon of this game selling more than 3 million throughout the world does not have kind of gun.
It is only bomb called BIM.
We find partner by radar and we make full use of eight kinds of BIM strategically and blast down enemy.
It is point to win by this game.
The life when we only send days not to be clear without making job even if we become 22 years old.
It I, life - - of Ryuta Sakamoto (slope cause Ryota).
But this [BTOOOM!] In the world of net game called this,
I am stronger than anyone else, from whom is respected,
And - - heavier than anyone else.
However, game that I take does not imagine now (virtual).
It is reality (rial).
In uninhabited island, BIM is kept, and murder is forced without understanding even the meaning to fight.
Player dachiniyoru which was brought without reason being identified, survivor (survival) game.
It is performed in the reality world [BTOOOM!] (killing each other).
Earnest desire to life. Morals that are lost.
Insanity to erode. Greed that is enlarged.
All mixes and breaks into pieces,
- - that curtain of blasting game goes up.

The staff cast

The original: Atsuya Inoue ("monthly comics @ Bunty" Shinchosha)
Director: Kotono Watanabe
Script: Yosuke Kuroda
Character design: Takahiro Kishida
Music: Keiji Iuchi 
OP theme: "No pain, No game" / nano 
ED theme: "aozora" /May' n
Animation production: Mad house 

Ryuta Sakamoto: Kanata Hongo
Himiko: Mimori suzuko
heisei: Toru Okawa
Kosuke Kira: Miyuki Sawashiro
Nobutaka Oda: Yuichi Nakamura

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