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STORY12 1,000 years 100 years

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 broadcast

Thought of 100 years mixes with blood relative of 1,000 years now

Jay "take me - -!" to push person in spring, and to run towards pillar of light to stop
They ranked with our country, and firefly, lotuses looked at Jay who looked down for cold eyes in utter amazement.
Though we should have been able to become friend who trusts, and tosses, Jay leaves for the other side of space-time distortion with our country, and does the world disappear as it is?
Do not care criticism from Hayatsuki either, Jay facing ki…….
Jay and our country and feather Hayakawa.
- - which we have thought for each 100 years and coming at the same time.

(C)2018 SummerACG/ "Butlers - 1,000 years 100 years story ..." project

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