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Trouble of sen Thor

Trouble of sen Thor

Sunday from 22:00 to 22:30

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Trouble of sen Thor

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We made Episode 12 fantasy with RP game feeling. / fierce battle! Arm wrestling! Whereabouts of game that is full of women (heroine)

Sunday, September 24, 2017 broadcast

◆We made fantasy with RP game feeling.

It was rare with *ko which criticized work which Mitsuyo wrote this and that…. What are contents of the story? On earth?

◆Fierce battle! Arm wrestling! Whereabouts of game that is full of women (heroine)

In class, women's arm wrestling meet will be developed. On earth who wins the championship? Wars fear...

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kunharahime*, also known as princess in love for club activities for study…High school girl who sends, extremely ordinary high school life. But her being doing form of Centaurus as for the different one. Of dragon person is rare, *ko of person from corner, chairperson of wing person, sasusasu of snake person. We send pleasant high school life with classmates who did each form. Shino of cousin of princess, firewood of the friend, four younger sisters of chairperson appear, and though "it is human being, it is not human being", and cute daily life of daughters is spelled♪

The staff cast

The original: Kei Murayama
(Tokuma Shoten "monthly publication COMIC Ryu" serialization)
General manager: oisakishibin
Director: Naoyuki Konno
Series constitution: Toko Machida
Character design: Shu Shibuya
Total drawing director: Shu Shibuya, Sachiyo Komito
Prop setting: We see bank this
Clothes setting: Sunao Chikaoka, Italy etiquette collar
Color scheme: Haruko Nobori
Art setting, art director: Koyo Saito
Director of photography: Genki Hoshino
Editing: Yumi Jinguji
Music: Tak Miyazawa
Music producer: Yukinari Shiota
Music production: MAGES.
Sound director: Hiroto Morishita
Animation production: Emon
Animation production cooperation: enkarejjifirumuzu
Production: Distance city thought Board of Education

kunharahime*: Seria Fukagawa
Prison comfort is rare: Kuwabara reason mind
meigaku*ko: Haruka Shiraishi
Spirit of the dead Manami: kamakurayuna
Quetzalcoatl sasusasusuru: Ayase existence
Shino: Akane Kiryu

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