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Light of clione

Light of clione

Wednesday from 22:30 to 22:40

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Light of clione

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Episode 7 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 broadcast

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Fruit (Minori) which label of bullied child was put on all the time.
One (Takashi) and Kyoko (Kyoko) wishing that we want to see smile of such her call out decisively in the afternoon of Sunday of a certain rain.
However, she falls sick without being seen, and true smile does not come to school after all.
Then one mysterious email reached ... one and the cause of Kyoko for two months.
The email that even reply was not possible without the name of sender informed summer festival of neighboring town――

The staff cast

[The staff]
Director: Professional player Ishikawa
Original bill: Natural rain
Scenario: MOLICE/ Tsukasa / The Natural rain / Onaka Takeshi
Character design: Natural rain
Sound director: Kazuhiko Izu
Theme song: "Light of clione" aki
ED music: "Empty o hi bu style" aki
Song of insertion: "Flower of 100 days" Sasaki plum child
Animation: drop
Production: Kyoto-style tomato

[the cast]
Minori (Minoru Amemiya): Sayuri Matsumura
Takashi (hekiiho): daiheishun*
Kyoko (Monday bridge Kyoko): Natsuko Hara
Nanami (the snow sound seven sea): Sasaki plum child
yuna (nagi*yuka): Riho Iida
kaho (Ichinose Kei sail): Aina Suzuki
Sayaka (beach Saya flower): Kageyama light
Gene (Isozaki source): Isamu Fujita period
Kosuke (Okinoshima Kosuke): Cape Ohashi
Shota (Shota Sunayama): Tsukino moa
Mr. Inoue (Inoue cherry tree): Song of Aoi well greens

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