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Different world capriccio to begin in death March

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Different (the world) world sentiment beginning in Episode 12 death March

Thursday, March 29, 2018 broadcast

Sugar which came across inenimaana of old witch and pupil in "forest of fantasy." As for them, it is said that we conclude pledge to pay 300 specially made magic medicine to the earl of kuhanou to have you protect forest. However, we encountered trick of feudal lord aide of silver hair and small villain, and, in inenimaana, bottle of magic medicine has been broken! When you do not make small bottle of magic medicine and container by sunset, go...

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Ichiro Suzuki, also known as programmer "sugar" of the death march height. When should have taken nap, but notice; in the different world…?
Menu screen which harks back to game that we made before nap on edge of view.
Initial state of level 1. But it is with "all map exploration" and map extermination bomb "meteor shower" X 3 that we just implemented as beginner relief measure. In front big army of lizard person!
- - which, as a result, level becomes 310 as for the sugar using "meteor shower" to be saved, and obtains vast treasures.
Dream or existing ka, trip of sugar begins here!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Love seven Hiro (KADOKAWA/ KADOKAWA DWANGO BOOKS)
Director: Shin Oonuma
Series constitution, script: Kento Shimoyama
Character original bill: shri
Character design: Sachiko Takimoto
Music production: DIVE II entertainment
Animation production: SILVER LINK. X CONNECT

[the cast]
Sugar: Shun Horie
Zener: Rie Takahashi
Pochi: Kono is opportunistic
Tama: okuyako*
Re-the: Tsuda Minami
Arisa: Aoi Yuuki
Lulu: Rika Hayase
mia: Eri Nagano
Nana: Kiyono Yasuno

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