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Doh re-festival! R

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"It is doh re-festival special program! Is not only R special force; trace of seven people

Friday, December 29, 2017 broadcast

It becomes contents telling thought of member to all of you while looking back on activity of conventional DearDream and KUROFUNE!
Let alone cast interview "doh re-festival!" We send interview of the staff who supported activity of project!
Furthermore, as for the picture of this country first public exhibition!
The previous night of national live tour...

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Door to true idol opened newly.
"Doh re-festival!" Win the championship in this, and come when, and Chizuru Sawamura passes tenkyu*, Shin Oikawa, Junya Sasaki, Katagiri who gained CD debut; five unit "DearDream." Triggered by words of legend idol, Haruto Mikami "not to be able to become idol by having made the debut", what is "true idol" while we work hard at various idol activities with senior idols including young ability group unit "ACE" as promising newcomer idol? It is sincere and catches this and is going to take.
And KUROFUNE which served as exceptional CD debut begins to also explore way as new idol as rival of DearDream approximately in the same way at time.

FanSupport(yell) Give with all this; "doh re-festival! * which took card = dorika, and served as wonderful CD debut. But it was still only opening as true idol.
They open new door as idol, and DearDream and KUROFUNE challenge hotter idol activity to exceed rhinoceros Coe!

Aim in bondReal(the truth) Idol!
Support(yell) Stage "doh re-festival!" of dream to grant in this

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: BN Pictures
Original bill: BANDAI
Director: Yuta Murano
Series constitution: Yoichi Kato
Animation character design: Yayoi Yoshikawa
Sound director: Hiromi Kikuta
Music: Ken Ito, Ryo Takahashi
Music production: Lantis sunrise music publication
Animation production: BN Pictures
Animation production cooperation: Asia temple

[the cast]
tenkyu*: Soma Ishihara
Shin Oikawa: Takuya Mizoguchi
Junya Sasaki: Kentaro Tomita
When does Katagiri come? tadenshoki
Chizuru Sawamura: seimokuiku
Keigo Kazama: Kimito Totani
Yuto Kuroishi: kabugenei*

Asuma Ogasawara: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
kuzujoutsurishi: Atsushi Majima
Chikage Saotome: Atsushi Abe

Haruto Mikami: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Makoto Susa: Fumihiko Tachiki
Ichika Saotome: Hikaru Midorikawa

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