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<HAOLINERS> Mythological fox spirit of matchmaking

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Choice of Episode 16 east the beginning of the month

Saturday, October 21, 2017 broadcast

We deceive eyes of Buddhist priests and, for touho gessho which would die, report when tosan Coco does etiquette that saved life. We inform that touho gessho wants to live for it all the time as it is in tosan. Then, ten years later, gessho was going to leave tosan for dream with Coco……

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The world that human being coexists with ghost, and can love.

However, ghost who tided far over human life continued growing without beloved human being dying, and cutting desperately.

Person transmigrated, and, as for the memory of previous existence, a certain "service" spread among ghosts even if we could be reborn because it was lost. Service by "mythological fox spirit matchmaker" who can revivify memory of ex-lover to human being that it was reborn.
Even if beloved person dies, in addition, ghost who continues loving the person buys "service" that "mythological fox spirit matchmaker" sells and is going to regain days dear again with ex-lover who transmigrated.

This story is story of matchmaking that working mythological fox spirit of such a matchmaker develops.

The staff cast

●The cast
tosan Seuss (tosan Seuss)
The cast: Kana Asumi

White the beginning of the month (Haku gessho)
The cast: Wataru Hatano

tosan Coco (tosan Coco)
The cast: Kana Asumi

East the beginning of the month (touho gessho)
The cast: Wataru Hatano

tosan shop shop (tosan yaya)
The cast: Madoka Yonezawa

tosan roro (tosan roro)
The cast: Hisako Kanemoto

●The staff
The original: The small newly
Original cooperation: Tencent movement abusive "Tencent animation"
Director: o昕
Archdeacon: toi
Character design: Friday 荣 *saruki澈
Sound director: Five 婷
Japanese edition sound director: Takumi Ito
Color setting: Friday 钟 ** 顺 Italy
Art director: sumomoinkokin偀 财
Director of photography: Yellow intellect 焕
Editing: Hida sentence
Sound production: Woo Sound Studio
Japanese edition sound production: Half H P studio
Music: 辅乐 workshop
Producer: toun*
Animation producer: 韩诚洁
Key visual production: fiodo
Title logo design production: Thursday cord Nachi (KOMEWORKS)
Production: HAOLINERS Emon

Official Twitter: @enmusuyouko

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