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etotama (again)

etotama (again)

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etotama (again)

Broadcast information

Episode 12 sexagenary cycle blooms in profusion

Sunday, December 17, 2017 broadcast

Nya~tan which bets last sorurarushiru, and challenges Chu tan to battle.
What is the skill that Nya~tan ever thought out for Chu tan?
It is over time of 2000 to pass each other, and two thought intersects again now!

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Sexagenary cycle daughter.
Errand of God who it is girls having figure in imitation of animal, and retains clean soul in the heart. Bridge of the sky where we were born to connect people and gods.

Sexagenary cycle God.
Errand of 12 God chosen from 8 million noeto daughters. The sacred twelve signs of the zodiac that protected Japan from ancient times. It is strong man who won in sexagenary cycle God selection festival once in 60, popular name "ETM12" and is longed-for existence of eto daughters.

koku flows; and the present age.
Sexagenary cycle God selection festival "ETM12" is held this year.
Candidate a great number of sexagenary cycle God = eto daughters gathering in Tokyo, Akihabara from the whole land of Japan like the tenth lunar month.

One cat existed in that.

The name is cat noeto daughter Nya~tan
While it is said that sexagenary cycle God is near, we are aimed in the mouse genus obstinately and are obscurity noeto daughter who continued being broken by mean trap in fact. Condition to become sexagenary cycle God is only one. Win against all the twelve signs of the zodiac. However, power of sexagenary cycle God is powerful, and daughter does not exist when she loves victory to all the twelve signs of the zodiac for these 2,000 years. When normal high school student "Takeru Amato" meets obscurity noeto daughter "Nya~tan"……Story begins!

The staff cast

■The "etotama" staff
Production total conduct: Group of innocence
The original: Group of innocence & Tablier Communications
Original bill / setting: There is with boshi* & zekuu
Director: oisakishibin
Director (CG): Takamitsu Hirakawa
Series constitution & script: Akao deko
Adult character original bill: Akio Watanabe
Pretty character original bill: QP:flapper
Manager adult character design & total drawing: Satoshi Koike
Pretty character design: Asami Takahashi
Animation production: Group of innocence & enkarejjifirumuzu

■"etotama" performer information
Nya~tan (cat): Rie Murakawa
Chu tan (Rat): Sayaka Oohara
Mo~tan (the Ox): Eriko Matsui
Shima tan (tiger): Yuikko Tatsumi
Usa tan (Hare): Yuuka Aisaka
Dora tan (Dragon): Maaya Uchida
Sha tan (Serpent): Hitomi Nabatame
Uma tan (Horse): Aki Ozawa
Mei tan (Sheep): Mai Fuchigami
Ki tan (monkey): Megumi Toda
Piyo tan (Cock): Mikoi Sasaki
Inu tan (Dog): Mariko Honda
Uri tan (Boar): Yumiri Hanamamori

Takeru Amato: Hiro Shimono

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