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Episode 12 E bulldog or live

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 broadcast

We ordered shin from father and came to school where older brother financed. The purpose was revenge to older brother and leopard which killed mother with drug.

Hibiki who got trust of leopard becomes president of the student council at school and we remove violence and win students over to our side.

Meanwhile, reporters throng to school on seeing NetNews. It is ream in Shiori with hook, sargasso...

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In the modern society, "symptom" in pubertal boys and girls spread. Sense of isolation, rebellious spirit, odd-man-out. For such youths, the net world was the only help. Their symptom devoted to the net world gradually was named "net dependency". And rehabilitation facilities which there was when nominal to "lead youth to right way again" were born. However, it was right prison not rebirth education to have waited for one of the net addicts "Hibiki" accommodated by the facilities. One or - - that Hibiki can escape from despair such as hell in facilities where escape from the inside is not permitted?

The staff cast

[The staff]
Animation production: Emon
Director: toi
Drawing director: *kun
Art director: rinsei喆
Production: TENCENT/EVIL OR LIVE production Committee

The original:
Plum dawn Kusu "ideal taboo ward" (Tencent comics serialization)

[opening theme]
"Still I live" in Noemcore (Nome core)

[the cast]
*hibiki (Hibiki): Shinichiro Ueda
*susumi (shin): Koki Uchiyama
Luo texture (Shiori): Anzai Chika

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