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A Dog of Flanders

A Dog of Flanders

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A Dog of Flanders

Broadcast information

Whistle of Episode 40 grandfather

Friday, May 26, 2017 broadcast

While he describes painting, grandfather works in town. Nero was made to hear fact that grandfather had a hard time in place that oneself did not know from kozetsu and received a big shock. We tell that it does not bother such Nero at all happily that grandfather works.

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 While me was helped in goodwill of people with boy Nero who was good at drawing picture on the Belgium Flanders district of about 1870 although grandfather jiehan was poor, we lived. One day Nero helps dog pato rush of drayman abandoned by the master of hardware store by the roadside and decides to be, and to return to house, and to live together. Pato rush that became fine helped with work of milk progressing and came to always spend time with Nero. However, jiehan died by overwork by unreasonableness, and Nero stood; become alone. Criticism of the world was strict with poor Nero and lost contest of picture which was wish, and Nero was called by the sky in front of picture of Rubens of church which we visited with pato rush calmly at last.

The staff cast

[the cast]
Nero: Osamu Kita branch
Lower a: Yoko Asagami, Reiko Katsura
jiehan old man: Oikawa Hiroo
Pato rush
kozetsu: Tamio Oki
Aliena: Taeko Nakanishi
George and pole: Komamura chestnut child, Masako Sugaya

[The staff]
Script: Ryuzo Nakanishi / Takayuki Kase / Tsunehisa Ito / Shunnichi Yukimuro / Michio Sato / Toyohiro Ando / Yukiko Takayama / Akira Matsushima / Yoshiaki Yoshida
Music: Takeo Watanabe
Scene setting: Shunnichi Sakai
Character design: Koji Mori
Storyboard: Seiji Okuda / Yoshiyuki Tomino / Yoshio Kuroda / Shuji Yamasaki / Minoru Yokitani
Drawing director: okadembin* / Yukiyoshi Hane
Art director: Ito accounting office
Director of photography: Takashi Kuroki seven
Recording director: Toshio Sato / Yasuo Uragami
Color designation, inspection: Michiyo Yasuda
Video check: Hidemi Maeda
Producer: Junzo Nakajima / pine Saturday Ryuji
Direction: Yoshio Kuroda

Opening theme: "yoakenomichi"
       Words: Eriko Kishida
       Composition: Takeo Watanabe
       Arrangement: Yushi Matsuyama
        Song: Kumiko Osugi / Antwerp children chorus

Ending theme: "Let's walk forever"
       Words: Eriko Kishida
       Composition: Takeo Watanabe
       Arrangement: Yushi Matsuyama
       Song: Kumiko Osugi

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