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Frame arm girl

Frame arm girl

Monday from 25:05 to 25:35

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Broadcast information

Frame arm girl

Broadcast information

Be called in Episode 8 rally / autumn…

Monday, May 22, 2017 broadcast

All members who decided to perform rally ahead of forthcoming rematch with furezuveruku.
We show each program to chest in thought to Todoroki thunder.
By Todoroki thunder that encouraging of all such is nice――

"Be called in autumn…"
In autumn park, is just two of us; walk suruaoto Todoroki thunder.
Mysterious girl, gurikoga comes up there; one...

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Mystery parcel which was sent to origin of normal high school girl aono early in the morning of one day.
Small robot "Todoroki thunder" of complete autonomy type called frame arm girl entered there when we opened out.
It is toy! It is plastic model!
However, Todoroki thunder was not just frame arm girl.
It was the latest prototype which carried artificial self, AS (artificial self-) having personality that was higher than normal artificial intelligence.
Besides, it is deaotatta one in the world that was able to start Todoroki thunder.
"Frame arm girl, Todoroki thunder" that collects battle data, and learns feelings.
"Girl, ao" of knowledge 0 (zero) of frame arm girl.
Thus, strange, pleasant kyakkyaufufuna daily life of aoto Todoroki thunder, girl and frame arm girl starts!

The staff cast

■The staff
The original: *oku
FA girls base design: Shimada fumikane Toshiyuki Yanase
Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Series constitution: Akao deko
Character design original bill: It is Fumika Shimada
Mechanic design: Toshiyuki Yanase
Character design: kawamurako*
CG director: Yuichi Goto
Music: Keigo Hoashi (MONACA) stone Hama runs (MONACA)
Sound director: Satoki Iida
Production: Heart bit
Animation production: ZEXCS/studioA-CAT
Production: *oku /FAGirl Project

[theme song]
Opening theme "Tiny Tiny:" Rie Murakawa
Ending theme "FULLSCRATCH LOVE:" FA girls

■The cast
ao in source: Yoko Hikasa
Todoroki thunder: Kei ear Narumi
Stiletto: Ayase existence
bazerarudo: Rika Nagae
materia sisters: Yamazaki erii
Sudden peal of thunder: Kabayama Minami
Architect: Hibiku Yamamura
furezuveruku: aburika

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