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Fresh Pretty Cure!

Fresh Pretty Cure!

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Fresh Pretty Cure!

Broadcast information

A lot of Episode 50 smiles! It is happy get together!

Friday, July 20, 2018 broadcast

Though it was really strong, at last, as for Moebius, long fight was over. They were able to rescue chiffon, and all the influenced parallel worlds were restored! At last we can return to house in this…. Well, it is happy get together!

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Momozono love is four leaves junior high school second grader.
One day love that went to see live of popular dance unit "trinity,"
We are impressed by dance of leader Miyuki of trinity very much!
We blow up dream saying "I want to dance in that way!".
However, because of "nakewameke which appeared suddenly," wonderful live venue is great panic!
Furthermore, it is small portion of long-range plot of management nation "labyrinth" scheming rule, control of the whole world…?
"We want to protect longed-for person! We want to see live of trinity once again! "
Of fairy, pikkurun and transformation portable notebook, rinkurun where key type is mysterious as for the love moved by strong feeling
We transform ourselves into legendary soldier, PRECURE by power!
With tart and Miki and Inori of chiffon and childhood friend which came from fairyland sweets kingdom,
We dampen ambition of "labyrinth" for love and heart of hope and prayer!

The staff cast

[The staff]
Producer: Kennichiro Yoshida (ABC)/ Tsurusaki rika (ADK) / Atsushi Umezawa Minoru (TOEI ANIMATION)
Series director: Junji Shimizu
Series constitution: Atsushi Maekawa
Character design: Hisashi Kagawa
Art design: 3, Yukinobu
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi
Color scheme: Yoshiko Sakuma
Production charge: Kazuo Sakai

[the cast]
Momozono love (cure peach): Kanae Oki
Miki Aono (cure berry): Eri Kitamura
Inori Yamabuki (cure pine): Akiko Nakagawa
Setsuna Higashi: Yuka Komatsu
Chiffon: Satomi Koorogi
Tart: Taiki Matsuno

Kaoru: Ken Maeda

Opening: "Let' s! Fresh Pretty Cure! ... Hybrid ver. ~"
Words: Sumiyo Mutsumi
Composition: Takatori Hideaki
Arrangement: Koichiro Kameyama, Akira Murata
Song: mokazuiki

Ending: "H@ppy Together!!! "
Words: Sumiyo Mutsumi
Composition: marhy
Arrangement: Akira Murata, marhy
Song: Momoko Hayashi

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