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Railroad crossing time

Railroad crossing time

Monday from 25:15 to 25:20

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Railroad crossing time

Broadcast information

Youth (2) of two Episode 12

Monday, June 25, 2018 broadcast

Senior and younger student close to I of high school girl as for the attendant. However, relations of two people became awkward the other day because attendant confessed love to eye. In this situation I who thought that we are wrong call at the top of my voice, and I am about to tell courage to attendant.

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"Can-Can Can-Can……!"

"Railroad crossing" falls somewhere, and somebody is confined today. Youth, Eros, art, first love that are developed in waiting time of "railroad crossing"……etc. Pro-daily life omnibus short story of all railroad crossings!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Village enthusiast "railroad crossing time" (Futaba Corporation) / serialization "monthly publication action"
Director: Yoshio Suzuki
Series constitution, script: Misuzu Chiba
Character design: takamurakaori
Animation production: EKACHI EPILKA
Art director: Kawashima Miyuki
Color scheme: Ayaka Nagano
Director of photography: Keiji Oshima
Cooperation: Kyoei University Ito laboratory
Production: "Railroad crossing time" production Committee

[the cast]
Eye: Ayaka Sembongi
Attendant: Yui Ogura
Mashima: Yuri Komagata
The field west: Kazuki Matsunaga
We look after Komaba and bloom: Suzuna Kinoshita
We let you burn Komaba: Mitsuhiro Ichiki
Utako: Ayase existence
Kurobe: Mariko Honda
Teacher: Yasuhiro Mamiya

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