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Broadcast information

Episode 11 "all and two" Episode 12 "new two"

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 broadcast

Episode 11 "all and two"
Alice lets each other's feelings go with Kazumi and decides that we go to dream of detective once again and that we stop activity of Sion that is purple phantom thief. Meanwhile, phantom thief team "color the phantom" faced dissolution, internal division. We are made to sleep by other members, and it will not be assumed that Sion ended duty of color the phantom though we talk……

Episode 12 "new two"
Kazumi Alice and black phantom thief, white phantom thief who face each other in Landmark Tower observation deck. It is monkeyed around by toys "gigantikku phantom" of black phantom thief, but will proceed to the last fight by cooperation of milky holmes. We cut, and, visiting Sion of falling into enemy hands, Tuesday lid of the last fight is dropped now.

(C)Two are milky holmes production Committee

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