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Episode 5 "mystery grandmother" "will return to house" Episode 6

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 broadcast

Episode 5 "mystery grandmother"
Kazumi and two people of Alice tailed old woman today. She sits on counter of cafe almost every day and takes only one share of red cocktail and leaves on bus somewhere in a few minutes when we show behavior watching something……. On earth who is it? Two people who thought in question decided to get in bus which old woman got on together.

Episode 6 "will return to house"
Yellow phantom thief, yellow black hole which should have attacked rice confectionery street is upset and reports to purple phantom thief. It is said that legendary phantom thief screw Comte appeared after an interval of ten years. Alice is devising card design of "feathers" with Kazumi today without knowing such a thing. Meanwhile, Sion and father who are older brother of Alice come home. Kazumi who had dinner together complained about way back, family to Alice.

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