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Wind summer

Wind summer

Saturday from 22:00 to 22:30

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Broadcast information

Wind summer

Broadcast information

Episode 12 Fair wind

Saturday, March 25, 2017 broadcast

We make up original tune and it was A which is going to take wind summer back to band, but does not have you meet even if you visit house how many times. The next live casts are decided while The fallen moon (zaforummun) is net, and reputation spreads, and member of HEDGEHOGS (hedgehogs) pays attention. But member continues practicing new song as vocal absence and...

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Haruna A which changed school to high school of Tokyo that parents would go to the United States and lived with sisters. Field exclusively main as for the communication of him who is weak in good terms with shyness the exchanges on Twitter. A which took a walk through town where we moved in to hits girl, Akizuki style summer who appeared during check of Twitter in front and will not do….
Girl with Haruna A which good terms are weak in with shyness and mysterious charm, Akizuki style summer. Childhood friend of A appearing before two people, ice no light snow.
- - which new love story that music begins to spin begins in now.

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Kimiharu Seo (Kodansha "weekly publication Shonen Magazine" serialization)
Director: Kusagawa Keizo
Series constitution: Vermilion white Aoi
Character design: Mino Honda
Art director: Maho Takahashi
Color scheme: Yumi Ogawa incense
Director of photography: Yasuyuki Ito
Background: churippu
The LO supervision: Kenji Masuda
Sound director: Jin Aketagawa
Sound production: Magic capsule
Music: Iga Takuo /WEST GROUND
Music production: Flying Dog
Animation production: The Dio media

[the cast]
Akizuki-like summer: Lynn
Ice no light snow: Saori Hayami
Haruna A: Yusuke Kobayashi
Sara Ishimi: Mikako Komatsu
Makoto Mikasa: Soma Sato
Nachi one arrow: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Haruna Maya: Mikako Takahashi
Haruna sound: Saori Onishi
Haruna intellect year: Kaede Hondo
Mr. Yumi: Yoko Hikasa
tama: Manami Numakura
Akizuki Suzuka: Kanako Mitsuhashi
Yamato Akizuki: Taisuke Nakamura

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