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To Sunday that level 12 sees again

Monday, March 26, 2018 broadcast

At the time of parting to come in light and reading and alpha. But…There is "today's crystal well, too"!
The finale and…Thank you for all audiences!

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Light and reading that spent daily life that satisfied favorite game in spite of being play indirectly at will.
We receive invitation, and, in the middle of the night when anyone falls fast asleep, light is breathed in with reading to the different world by alpha that is errand of person called "King".
Quest is given to save "melody princess of falling into enemy hands" from "Mao" to two who transmigrated from the reality world.
With light which felt this mission until "destiny", we became slightly troublesome…To reading, there feeling this of "King"
We increase alpha of A.I. Robo which is servant and form party.
While giving level by program to have of alpha (!) Will advance adventure by Yul - ku, but ka tashitesono

The staff cast

[The staff]
Director / original bill: Sota Sugawara ("gdgd fairy s" series, "Hi ☆ sCoool! SEHA GIRL" others)
Script: Forest Ryoichi ("Peeping Life" series, "100% Pascal teacher" others) /gd men
Character design: isoken
Sound director: Soichiro Kubo ("tusk wolf <GARO> -VANISHING LINE -" others)
MMD director: It is poco P pop
Modeling: kio
Production: Strawberry mitsupikuchuazu / fan Company
Production: "gd men" production Committee

[the cast]
Light: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Reading: Kazuomi Yamamoto
Alpha: Yusuke Kobayashi
Melody: Natsuko Hara

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