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Grand crest account of war

Grand crest account of war

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Grand crest account of war

Broadcast information

Episode 24 emperor Saint seal

Friday, June 22, 2018 broadcast

Uh, at moment when they let lamb fall, Theo have been taken in forest of darkness. When King, D Mito Rie of vampire who appeared before Theo will not end the times of chaos, we attack. Does true peace depend on point of this fight? Or does the world go to new chaos? shiruka challenges the last fight with Theo.

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"I contract with Saint seal of knight Theo and promise the everlasting loyalty"
Knight Theo of isolated master of magic shiruka and roam.
Does oath of the master and servant whom two exchanged bring wind of change in chaos and continent of war?

Continent where chaos influences all, the artra tongue.
Person having power "Saint seal" that people are frightened by disaster to occur by chaos and quiet it,
<monarch> We were protected and lived for this.
But monarchs throw away idea called "the protection of people" gradually,
We enter into war to scramble for each other's Saint seals and territories.

With master of isolated magic shiruka to look down on the inside, monarchs without idea,
Knight Theo of roam to continue trip of training meets in order to release hometown from tyranny.
By forcible stratagem of shiruka which conflicted with ideal of Theo,
Two people who would make a contract of the master and servant,
In continent where war arises, we bring change.

We are developed over <emperor Saint seal (Grand crest) who is crystal of order>
Big account of war fantasy, start!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Work / Ryo Mizuno illustration / deep play Fantasia library (KADOKAWA)
Series constitution: Ryo Mizuno, Shunsaku Yano
Director: Field Yamamori
Script: Light work
Character design: Hiroshi Yako
Assistant character design: Hiroko Yahiro
Prop design: Takayuki Kito
Weapon, monster design: Hiroyuki Okawa
Color scheme: Hitomi Sano
Art director: Hiroshi Kato / Hirofumi Sakagami
CG director: Takeshi Sanada
Director of photography: kujirai* / Wakana Moriya
VFX director: Kosuke Nakanishi
Editing: Rie Matsubara
Music: Yuugo Kanno
Sound director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Production: A-1 Pictures

[the cast]
Theo korunero: Kentaro Kumagai
shiru-ka mele Tess: Akari Kito
Irvin: Yuichi Nakamura
aishiera: Reina Ueda
Lah chic David: Satoshi Hino
moreno dollar toes: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Priscilla: Natsumi Takamori
marine kuraishie: Ai Kayano
Vilar Constance: Takahiro Sakurai
miruza kuchiesu: Wataru Hatano
Alexis duse: Yuichi Iguchi
Emma: Suzuki grows
Luna: Ai Nakajima
maruguretto odiusu: Yuko Kaida
Laura hardware Lee: Anzai Chika
Helga piaroza: Yumi Uchiyama
Colleen messara: Kaede Hondo
aubesuto mele Tess: Satoru Mikami
Lara: Aaya Sakura
kamii: Aki Ozawa

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