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Funny gumball

[MX2] Friday from 19:30 to 20:00

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Funny gumball

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The Episode 17 "helmet contest!" "Confrontation! Tina VS gumball"

Friday, June 22, 2018 broadcast

[the helmet contest!]
Gumball which got tired of helmet becoming lucky hands it to daddy and mom, but after all wants to regain. But it is ... in daddy and mom and the ignominious contest charmed by power of helmet.

[confrontation! Tina VS gumball]
Anais who thought that gumball was tormented in Tina...

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It is light comedy from the U.K. which put different animation technique such as 2D, papetto, live-action film together!
Cat "gumball" that main character is blue. Father rabbit, close friend goldfish, classmate with bear, balloon and robot ... of dinosaur and origami,
Nonsense daily life of characters of insane setting is developed in development to surprise in speedy on the stage of town "L more" of live-action film!