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Funny gumball

Friday from 19:30 to 20:00

January 5, 2018 Start broadcast!

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Funny gumball

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Episode 3 "whose responsibility" "It is idol of dress,!"

Friday, January 19, 2018 broadcast

Whose responsibility is it?
For interview with Miss shimian, daddy arranged baby-sitter of Anais, but mom does not like; for cancellation. Mom decided to order baby-sitter position from gumball and Darwin out of necessity, but ...

Idol of dress?
All the clothes are ruined by washing of daddy, and gumball is worn at school...

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It is light comedy from the U.K. which put different animation technique such as 2D, papetto, live-action film together!
Cat "gumball" that main character is blue. Father rabbit, close friend goldfish, classmate with bear, balloon and robot ... of dinosaur and origami,
Nonsense daily life of characters of insane setting is developed in development to surprise in speedy on the stage of town "L more" of live-action film!

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