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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD remastering

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD remastering

Tuesday from 22:29 to 23:00

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Broadcast information

Broadcast information

PHASE-42 comfortable sortie

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 broadcast

Aslan who sat at plant to be the zafuto Supreme Council chairperson, and to check the real intention of war of Patrick Zara who was father. Kira applied for the guards of shuttle which Aslan got on in freedom by oneself. Aslan talks about own readiness to Kira. Kira took consideration into the real intention and told at parting. As for "you me…Saying we cannot yet die.
Aslan asks father who achieved meeting the real intention for this war. But it was not ex-father to have been there. Aslan shudders with war purpose of Zara talking with eyes filled with insanity and is half amazed. Zara asks only justice, the location of freedom toward Aslan who is son at the muzzle earnestly. Aslan who brand of traitor is pushed, and is taken.
It was member of dagosuta comfortable group to lead to have rescued him. Comfortable which has begun to move at last. We recapture the latest battleship Eternal and get away from plant! The bridge deck had figure of former "tiger of desert" barutoferudo, too.
Archangel, Kusanagi and member of meeting Eternal stand in L4. We leave ex-ally and enemy, and independence corps is formed here. And comfortable filled sorrow that father Siegel Kleine died at chest of Kira….

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