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God "- of animation for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED-HD remastering"

God "- of animation for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED-HD remastering"

Tuesday from 22:29 to 23:00

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Broadcast information

Broadcast information

To tomorrow when PHASE-50 is not over

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 broadcast

Fight is not over yet even if it causes much sacrifice. Frey that taikan did Dominion is lost in freedom and place of desperate struggle of Providence as if he is dragged in thought that it is hard to quit to killer. And, in front of the killer, the life has been no from blade of heartlessness of rau to attack there. Killer which visual hallucination makes Frey in regret that was not able to protect thing which you should protect again. Was soul of Frey able to finally come in contact with killer at the time of end?….
On the other hand, Zara turns target of Genesis to the earth. However, person who is going to stand still by the act in zafuto which did action to be able to be called insanity in one of eyes appears. And Aslan breaks into yakin due with kagari in order to prevent act of violence of father. However, thing which we looked at there was figure of Zara hit to officer who was going to stop slaughter in Genesis. At brink of death, we murmured words of curse to The Natural, and Zara ceased to breathe.
But reckless driving was not stopped with his death either. Genesis which linked yakin suicidal explosion starts motion. Aslan alone to Genesis. We let nuclear engine of justice take charge and say to destroy together with the Genesis. Plan succeeds as expected. Aslan was going to cut off own life and we were controlled and got away with kagari.
At the same time, killer and rau become attacking each other simultaneously after the last desperate struggle. Appeal of cease-fire was carried out by kanaba and others old Kleine group in zafuto, and it seemed whether way to peace finally opened. Aslan who despairs of horrible battlefield trace.
torii jumped out then to space. Figure of body of freedom that what it was in over there became the wreckage and killer…There is still hope.

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