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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD remastering

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD remastering

Tuesday from 22:29 to 23:00

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Broadcast information

Broadcast information

koku (time) of PHASE-30 flash of light

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 broadcast

 It was voice of praise of Murdoch and maintenance soldier to have been waiting for Kira who defeated blitz of Zara corps. Kira to ask with unbearable feeling while grasping fist.
On the other hand, Zara corps who lost important friend Nicole cannot cover unrest. Meanwhile, Aslan regretted own sweetness that was not able to fight against him seriously somewhere of heart and blamed. Aslan who makes up the mind to defeat Kira when next is the hand by all means.
Zara corps who caught Archangel again burns with a desire for revenge and challenges to the last decisive battle. Archangel received fatal damage by beam attack and was forced to deck landing by ground. Thor makes a sortie against this crisis with sky grasper, too.
Buster of diakka breaks down at last and surrenders. On the other hand, aegis carries out single combat to strike. We burn with intense anger to Kira who murdered Nicole, and Aslan exclaims. And it overthrows sky grasper of Thor who began protection. Thor was scattered….
Furthermore, aegis of Aslan catches strike while one arm is failed by exclaiming Kira. As the also posture to suicidal explosion mode!
They left Kira for body Pitt, and strike and aegis exploded with crash….

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