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God "Mobile Suit Gundam unicorn RE:0096" of animation

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Episode 9 ritoribyushon

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 broadcast

Unicorn Gundam which arrived at lah positive ruins was relieved of seal of program and has begun to drain speech that earth federal government Prime Minister Hatsuyo Ricardo Marr Senna performed 96 years ago. daguza which we noticed something which is not massacre machine for the dione extermination being incorporated tell banaji saying it "is real fresh-and-blood heart to control it". But it is parent of Angelo...

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U.C. 0001 -.
The new times when emigration to space began.
The Prime Minister's office, space station <we add lah> of earth federal government where ceremony to move in space century (Universal Century: U.C.) from the Christian era was carried out for crush by blast terrorism into pieces and are scattered.
Young man saiamu which the terrorist incident increased is rolled up in explosion of <we add lah> by poverty and discovers thing which there is in the wreckage. It was contraindicated box which would be called "box of rapurasu" later.

The world of war to continue from war for one year seemed to regain peace on the surface from "revolt of shaa" for three years.
One day boy banner the Lynx living in industry space colony <industrial 7> meets mystery girl named Audrey barn. She took action alone so that bistrike foundation and niyoru with neo-dione remnants forces "sleeve" stopped business of "box of rapurasu". banaji which cooperates for her. But, by earth Federales and battle, "we are belonging to sleeve" that we marched into similarly to interfere with business, colony becomes battlefield. banaji which can finish running the war looking for Audrey carries out snow-white mobirusutsu becoming key of "box of rapurasu", fatal encounter with unicorn Gundam.

With "box of rapurasu" some -.
"Box" With no secret to hold some -.
Spell of 100 years was going to be just deciphered in space century.

The staff cast

◆The main staff
The original: Than Hajime Yadate, Yoshiyuki Tomino "Mobile Suit Gundam"
[director] Kazuhiro Furuhashi
[script] mutouyasuyuki
[story] Harutoshi Fukui
[original character design] Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
[animation character design] Kumiko Takahashi
[mobirusutsu original bill] Kunio Okawara
[mechanical design] katokihajime, Junnya Ishigaki, Yoshinori Sayama, genuma*hiko
[mechanical design cooperation] Mika Akitaka
[display design] Yoshinori Sayama, Hidekatsu Uemura
[setting historical investigation] Shinya Ogura
[music] Hiroyuki Sawano
[sound director] Eriko Kimura
[art director] Shigemi Ikeda
[color scheme] Sea bass Takako
[director of photography] Takeshi Katsurayama, Tanaka is free
[CG director] Tomohiro Fujie
[editing] Daisuke Imai
[production] Sunrise metere

◆The main cast
[banner the Lynx] Koki Uchiyama
[Audrey barn] Ayumu Fujimura
[full Freon Tal] Shuichi Ikeda
[Liddie Marr Senna's] Namikawa Daisuke
[marida cross] Yuko Kaida
[Angelo zaupa] Tetsuya Kakihara
[velour Zinnemann] Hideaki Tezuka
[mikotto Birch] Haruka Tomatsu
[Takuya irei] Hiro Shimono
[qadi ass bistrike] Takayuki Sugou
[Alberto] Wataru Takagi
[saiamu bistrike] Ichiro Nagai

[opening theme]
"Into the Sky" by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]: Tielle
[ending theme]
"Next 2 U-eUC-" by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]: naNami

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