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God "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" of animation

God "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" of animation

Tuesday from 22:29 to 23:00

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Broadcast information

Episode 35 Woo Fay again

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 broadcast

gohi returned to colony of hometown and continued training ourselves. Colony which continued resisting OZ catches surprise attack. gohi participates in the war with alto Ron Gundam. However, in the middle of battle, OZ requires surrender with colony of gohi as shield. The proudhearted whole families entrusted gohi with all thought without flinching from it and let colony scuttle itself. The act drove shock and intense anger for OZ to gohi. We think about joint struggle with Gundam pilot, and zekusu which knew that gohi fights to OZ partner alone leaves for the ground in peace million. However, we refuse the proposal. gohi which considered zekusu to be "evil" challenges to fight. It is zekusu to fight back to in wing Gundam zero, but we are affected by ZERO system and attack to peace million. A certain colony had figure of Kathryn and others circus troupe at that time. Troyes participated as clown in the same way there, too. When we were rescued, Troyes that wandered in space in critical condition state lost all memory. Kathryn decides to put Troyes in circus troupe as younger brother. Quatre left for desert for sand lock search for mug Anack corps.

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