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God "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" of animation

God "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" of animation

Tuesday from 22:29 to 23:00

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Broadcast information

Episode 47 crash Yes space

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 broadcast

Fight of the earth forces where howaitofangu and trays which zekusu led commanded added to intensity. When current situation Lee bra is menace for the human, Gundam pilots belonging to neither judge, and they start attack. However, we did not get motion in exquisite combination of epion and birugo (E2) which blocked ahead. Meanwhile, zekusu picks attack with peace million, but noin carried on torus before him appears. However, noin does not pick attack with zekusu. zekusu defeated by thought of noin misses peace million. We destroyed the main battery of Lee bra, and peace million seemed to already extinguish all something to be done. We confirm that engine still works, and zekusu is going to let Lee bra descend as mass bullet to the earth. hiiro realizes that time of decisive battle came and we are seen off by re-Lena and board wing Gundam zero. Because gohi posts former end at that time as well as hiiro; to the cause of trays. Quatre which invaded Lee bra confronted Dorothy.

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