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God "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" of animation

God "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" of animation

Tuesday from 22:29 to 23:00

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Broadcast information

Fight over Episode 22 independence

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 broadcast

zekusu which was with meets lady Ann who is goodwill ambassador miriarudo peace craft and self-introduction, representative from the earth to colony. Gin terga of colony D120 contacts zekusu. The duke of derumaiyu of loam ferrafoundation convinced of completion of mobirudoru starts aggression of colony D120 to cross out all alliance power. The fight participated in lady Ann who came back to officer from sacred woman. zekusu was the offense and defense in torugisu, but we were determined to already accept defeat, and there were people of colony D120. D120 selected that we were sacrificed to show fragility of colony to people who lived in all space. Aim of space fortress bulge is turned to D120 colony as expected. However, colony escapes from crisis by Troyes. For new mobirudoru production, Hsien Loong Gundam completely demolished before shuttle of tsubarofu to hurry to Monday base appears. tsubarofu which showed deep interest in Gundam decides that we bring to Monday base together. However, it was stratagem that gohi planned for Hsien Loong Gundam reinforcement.

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