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Broadcast information

Portrait of Episode 9 destroying a country

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 broadcast

Finished MS torugisu is sent under zekusu remaining in Luxembourg. However, the performance inflicted serious wound on Otto who boarded with dreadful thing experimentally. Still zekusu decides the sankukingudamu base capture of the alliance using MS torugisu. Durability of pilot direct; even zekusu owes wound to torugisu proud of the above-mentioned power to, too.
hiiro and Duo moved into at that time in school in the opposite bank to ask about chance to strike fortress island of China. Re-Lena also chased hiiro.
gohi became a dependent under Troyes of circus troupe, and quatre was convinced that other Gundam moved in the same purpose. In sankukingudamu, we suffered wound, and Otto marched into torugisu as substitution of zekusu where dispatch became impossible dogmatically and made a sortie and took base by storm in exchange for own life. zekusu which got down on former hometown sankukingudamu capital let re-Lena who was younger sister inherit the piece crafts in front of portrait of a father king and promised that therefore oneself fought.

(C)SOTSU, sunrise

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