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The first gal

The first gal

Wednesday from 25:35 to 26:05

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Broadcast information

Broadcast information

Episode 10 first confession

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 broadcast

Junnichi who has heard rest room and conversation of friends accidentally in family restaurant. We are angry at rest room to treat like gal having light yukanao, and Junnichi of explosion hurls defiance unintentionally.
"I……We never forgive you……"
Junnichi to hang onto desperately while we are beaten up by rest rooms. Ranko and 3 fools who looked at "man" in the figure help Junnichi. Back is pushed by friends, and Junnichi starts running. To convey yukanani, own true thought; - -.

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(C)2017 Ueno meguru /KADOKAWA/ "we are ashamed gals" production Committee

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