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Haku May and mikochi

Haku May and mikochi

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Haku May and mikochi

Broadcast information

Memory of Episode 12 Hong hair

Friday, March 30, 2018 broadcast

Haku May and mikochi walked cityscape of noisy Japanese cypress hatchet in preparation for festival. According to the newspaper, "green tail old no caravan" which Haku May took a trip to together before seems to go along near the Japanese cypress hatchet. Two people moved to have a look at caravan to arrive at co-Yaw Oiwa by the next morning. To do something even if it consumes journey travel restrictions...

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Haku May and mikochi.
Girl of small two living in forest where green is deep.
We prepare house into sinus (hollow) of Thursday and, with leaf as umbrella, get on back of insect and bird and……
If it is 9 centimeters tall, we can do such a thing.
Do you not peep out quietly?
The life that is calm, and is exceptionally lovely for pleasure.

The staff cast


The original: kashimoku*jin ("Haku May and mikochi" /KADOKAWA)
Director: Masaomi Ando
Series constitution: Reiko Yoshida
Character design prop design: It is child with Iwasa
Total drawing director: It is child / Mayuka Ito with Iwasa
Background art: Kusanagi (KUSANAGI)
Art director: Daiki Kuribayashi
Art unification: Nobuhito Sue
Art setting: Nobuhito Sue / Eiko Tsunado
Color scheme: Yumi Nanmoku
Director of photography: Nakagawa sena
Editing: Yukie Oikawa (Morita editing room)
Sound director: Satoki Iida
Music: Evan Call
Music production: Lantis
Animation producer: Yuji Higa
Animation production: Lerche
Production: Haku May and mikochi production Committee


Haku May: Risae Matsuda
mikochi: Groundwork gromwell field
konju: Aoi Yuuki
Sen: Anzai Chika
Sardine: Masaya Matsukaze

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