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The Genie Family

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Episode 52 "story of No. 1 of town as for the demon king", "good-bye, story of great demon king"

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 broadcast

"Story of No. 1 of town as for the demon king"
A is fired with demon king who would sleep in pot from the next eclipse of the moon for 100 years. In front of group celebrating oneself chosen as honorary citizen, demon king cannot begin to talk about goodbye; ...

"Story of good-bye great demon king"
Night, demon king and lye bio friends of eclipse of the moon who gathered in attic to protect. To everybody...

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One day perception of primary schoolchild finds pot of magic in home garret. When the pot sneezed, magician called The Genie Family jumped out and was that anything granted wish of person whom we called. However, demon king is terribly bumbling; about anything only as for the failure. Furthermore, we increase daughter lye bimade of mischievous demon king who jumps out of pot when we yawn and spark funny disturbance in downtown.

The staff cast

[The staff]
Plan: Jinzo Toriumi
Producer: Kenji Yoshida
Charge: Atsushi Nagai
Script: Osamu Jinno, Haruya Yamazaki, Saburo Taki, Tsunehisa Ito, Hideo Nishimaki
Direction: Hiroshi Sasagawa, haraseitaro, Hideo Nishimaki, Masami Annou, Motosuke Takahashi
Music: Akito Wakatsuki
Recording producer: Yasunori Honda
Recording director: suihonkan
General manager: Hiroshi Sasagawa
Production: Tatsunoko Pro

[the cast]
The Genie Family: Toru Ohira
Perception: Midori Kato
Harshness bi: Your family temple child
Daddy: Isamu Tanonaka
Mom: Mitsuko Aso
Prince bourgeois: somobu
Then it is uncle: Kinya Aikawa

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