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Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

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Is Episode 16 rival Eri? It is letter of challenge from drama club!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 broadcast

In fashion part, Azusa of friend of collar visited. Azusa is the manager of drama club. It is girl absorbed when it comes to drama. It was close collar or Azusa, but begins quarrel about fashion first which has a lot. And we will play at last.

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Hanasaki bud and Kurumi Eri meet two fairies once, and they transform themselves into PRECURE as chosen legendary soldier. We will fight against enemy plotting the earth and rule of all humankind, sabaku doctors. Cure Malin will develop intense battle with enemy whom doctor sends in start with cure Blossom in order to prevent ambition of doctor. We defeat demon, and can PRECURE make flower of heart of people bloom?

The staff cast

[Hanasaki bud] Mizuki Nana
[Kurumi collar] Shie Mizusawa
[shipure] Taeko Kawada
[coffret] There is bear; Motoko
[Hanasaki Kaoruko] Chika Sakamoto
[sabaku doctor] Taiten Kusunoki
[dark PRECURE] Minami Takayama

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