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hinaroji - from Luck & Logic

hinaroji - from Luck & Logic

Saturday from 22:30 to 23:00

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Broadcast information

hinaroji - from Luck & Logic

Broadcast information

It is fortune kitaru to young bird laughing at Episode 12

Saturday, September 23, 2017 broadcast

Season is circulation March. It was another several days to graduation ceremony.
Though even graduation of Yuko of sixth grader is lacking, Nina that the results were evaluated somehow or other seems to leave school.
Yayoi start a certain strategy so that Nina stays in school from oneself.
On the other hand, RION seems to be thinking about something……?

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Spring Sunday that cherry tree has begun to be scattered.
In princess, RION of innocent small country going to school of Hokkaido.
Special educational institution which ALCA runs to bring up scholar of theorem that there keeps world peace <rojikarisuto>.
A lot of classmates who are individual including Nina of scholar of theorem <rojikarisuto> in S class for one year when RION entered.
Days when it is very lively and is pretty that young birds of scholar of theorem <rojikarisuto> spend――
Union <trance>! We begin

The staff cast

Lyonnesse erisutoratova: Madoka Asahina
Nina arekusandorovuna: Hibiku Yamamura
Kyobashi World Exposition: Natsumi Takamori
Yayoi Tachibana: Mimori suzuko
Forest ka Yuko Tani: Kana Ueda
Karin Kiritani: Yui Ogura
Hana Kiritani love: Yuasa Kaede
East Mizuki: Maaya Uchida
568 Aoi: Ayaka Ohashi
Ashley blood Berri: Mikoi Sasaki

The original: Septpia
Original bill: Yuya Takahashi (QueenB)
Director: Hiroaki Akagi
Series constitution: Yukie Sugawara
Concept design: Mari Shimazaki
Animation character original bill: Kyoko Nagata
Character original bill: It is Kana Kuramoto child whom we say in winter in the spring and summer, and there is Mari Shimazaki
Character design: Satomi Kurita, Nii study
Art director: Norihito Nakamura
Color scheme: Yuta Takeuchi
Director of photography: gokenhirome         
Editing: Fumi Hida
Music: Ken Ito         
Music production: Lantis
Sound director: enomototakahiro  
Animation production: Video studio
Production: Project Luck & Logic

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