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Episode 12 we who are unrivaled

Thursday, June 28, 2018 broadcast

We guide "mitatsu" to bed and are mission of D pie before we let "you go over" safely and do.
However, behind national Shinto ritual to last several thousand years, there was serious matter that continued being concealed. What is existence of "wedge woman?"
And what is past hidden on *?
"matsurigoto" was going to come to an end while each thought mixed.

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"I fly in SORA with you."
It is new face who began duty in sweet paste made from fermented rice hisoneha, Gifu base of the Air Self-Defense Force.
We chose fatigue, term-limited self-defense official to be too obedient, and to injure another person for unconsciousness.
But destined encounter changes her life fundamentally.
We chose mimesis Yes dragon gahisoneo as fighter concealed in base and were carried away high in the sky very much.
Flight worker to get in dragon which was "OTF" (the abnormal flight living body) became hisoneno work in this way.
To dragon which is said to control national fate, what kind of secret will be really hidden?…….

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: BONES, Shinji Higuchi, Mari Okada
General manager: Shinji Higuchi
Director: Hiroshi Kobayashi
Series constitution: Mari Okada
Character original bill: Toshinao Aoki
Character design: Yoshiyuki Ito
Animation production: BONES INC.

[the cast]
Sweet paste made from fermented rice hisone: Misaki Kuno
kaisakimeisho: It, too with Kurosawa
Eru Hoshino: Maki Kawase
Silk turn Rei child: Satomi Arai
Hitomi Mayumi: Kaori Naduka
hihon*: Romi Pak
Haruto Koshiki: Yuki Kaji
It is full of fiscal investment and loan: Yasutoshi Tokumoto
kakihoreibi: Rie Kugimiya
Hiroki Ikushima: Junichi Suwabe
hi々denhirome: Joji Nakata

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