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Monopoly my hero

Monopoly my hero

Saturday from 25:30 to 26:00

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Monopoly my hero

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Place that is the easiest in the Episode 12 world.

Saturday, September 23, 2017 broadcast

Seta River said good-bye to Kosuke on the telephone and has lost place to stay again.
However, we lose older room when Kosuke locates Seta River saying "let selfishness say only one more last".
It is Seta River that decided parting for each other, but, triggered by "thing which there is that true heart of Kosuke became form," runs at full speed as the real intention with every effort.

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We draw noariimemekoga during popular serialization in Ichijinsya "gateau"
Story of two "bonds" of "teacher X student" and "childhood friend"

Because we lost, we demanded. "Place to stay" and "bond" than nothing.
We did not like hero. Because we do not appear before oneself. Masahiro of such hetareyanki meets Kosuke with nickname of "bear homicide".
Masahiro who desired "place to stay" that could cry earnestly. Kosuke who wanted to open arm which was gentler than power.
Dazzling feelings that we knew in warmth.
The same promise was broken all the time. Therefore Kensuke broke off his friendship with Hasekura.
However, Kensuke whom Hasekura was not left. Hasekura that wanted to see smile of Kensuke once again.

Heart that passed each other becomes one "bond".

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: ariimemeko (monthly "gateau" serialization / Ichijinsya)
Director: hiiroyukina
Series constitution: naruseyuusei
Character design, total drawing director: Ayana Nishino
Animation production: enkarejjifirumuzu
Production: "Monopoly my hero" production Committee

[the cast]
Kosuke Oshiba: Chiaki Maeno
Seta River Masahiro: Toshiki Masuda
Asaya Hasekura: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Kensuke Oshiba: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Takeshi Yamabe: Yuto Adachi
Mitsuru Fukushige: Daiki Yamashita
Jiro Yoshida: Seiichiro Yamashita
It is raw in the summer: Wataru Hatano
Treasure castle ordinary man: Takayuki Kondo

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