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Animation update information

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In commemoration of release of "poputepipikku" Blu-ray&DVD vol.1, support shop measure was decided in animate! (2018/01/15)

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Look at the details in official site.
[official site]

We released Komi-limited goods in winter! Goods are full for New Year holidays including "greeting the New Year shit set"! Furthermore, in booth of comike offertory box? As for the run of also mysterious cable bass...(2017/12/25)

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Goods to sell on a qualified scale in winter in Komi held in Tokyo Big Sight in official site for 29-31 days in December are released.
In addition, offertory box is installed in booth and can pray for hit of TV animation.
Furthermore, on the first day of the comike cable bus with popu child and the pipi beauty town as for the run.
We are going to run Ikebukuro, Shibuya, town of Tokyo including Akihabara.
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Opening theme "POP TEAM EPIC" jacket photograph exhibition! (2017/12/18)

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Jacket photograph of release "POP TEAM EPIC/ Sumire Uesaka" was published in official site on opungutema, January 31, 2018 of TV animation "poputepipikku".
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TV animation "poputepipikku" broadcast information lifts the ban! Furthermore, PV, ban* 15 seconds, jacket illustration of BD/DVD vol.1 is released, too! (2017/12/15)

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TV animation "poputepipikku" broadcast information was available.
Furthermore, jacket illustration of BD/DVD vol.1 is released in official site for PV, ban* 15 seconds, too!
[official site]

"poputepipikku" official site(2017/12/13)

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(C)Okawa bukubu / bamboo Publishing, King record

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