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Broadcast information

Divergence of symbol and wind as Episode 23 old age

Friday, June 29, 2018 broadcast

"Hong Wednesday formation" bunnaka where is terrible with acid of this.
We exert the last strength and we destroy "Hong Wednesday formation" and fly away with black giraffe.
On the other hand, we expected kin*shima which fell soonAngler(we forget sea bream in this way) tells preparations for escape to Yang 戩.
And we follow bunnaka on four non-elephants saying "we attach settlement".
Fugen, King Takenari, junisen pass and confront bunnaka wounded all over on chest by death of many friendsAngler(we forget sea bream in this way).
We discuss each other's faith not to be able to hand over and challenge the last fight.
After eternal time, seal God plan concludes now!

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(C) Tsutomu Ano, Ryu Fujisaki / Shueisha, "ha*fushinengi" production Committee

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