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The cool-headed second of ground cherry

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Episode 13 A part: Hell tayu /B part: Be absent from height of liquor

Saturday, December 30, 2017 broadcast

A part: Hell tayu
Zen koan dialogue to begin in "somosan" "seppa."
You are, and where do you go for where? We are here and work here. Eyes of ground cherry which we told this finish being half-opened whether it is nani*moku and are scared.
Master whom we asked is Ikkyu reverend, also known as Ikkyu.
It is famous person, but interferes with work when we come without permission, and Zen koan dialogue is begun without permission. <b...

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This is story of hell. In hell where meeting overflowed with ghost without being replaced and returned to, assistance of great king sent inspection to this world and hectic days to instruction of stings and prison guards to ghost the first aide, ground cherry of *madaio from the start.
Such ground cherry and usual friends increase new all such as childhood friend of ground cherry and twin ghosts, snow goblin willful freely, and every day of hell where it is fun noisily just opens curtain again!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Natsumi Eguchi (Kodansha "morning coat" serialization)
Director: Kazuhiro Yoneda
Script: Goto green
Character design: sainiro
Editing: Rie Matsubara
Sound director: Shoji Hata
Sound effects: Emi Takanashi
Sound production: Sound team Don Juan
Music production: King record
Animation production: Studio Dean

[the cast]
Ground cherry: Hiroki Yasumoto
*madaio: Takashi Nagasako
Shiro: Yumiko Kobayashi
Persimmon assistant: Goto Hiroki
rurio: Takashi Matsuyama
Incense: Eri Kitamura
Tang gourd: Tetsuya Kakihara
Eggplant: Kiriko Aoyama
Mustard: Atsumi Tanezaki
Peach Japanese cypress: Sumire Uesaka
Momotaro: Daisuke Hirakawa
haku*: Koji Yusa
Child's spirit protecting a house, one child: Satomi Sato
Futago: Yui Ogura
Miki: Ayaka Suwa

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